This week in Michigan Tech sports

Monday, September 19
• Rocket League A vs. Butler Bulldogs, 7 p.m. NACE Star League. Stream:
• Rocket League B vs. Ferris State Crimson 7 pm NACE Starleague

Wednesday, September 21
• Valorant vs. Cornell 7pm NACE Starleague
• League of Legends from TBD time TBD NECC

Thursday, September 22
• Smash Bros vs Aquinas 7pm NACE Starleague. Stream:

Friday, September 23
• CSGO vs George Mason Patriots 7pm NACE Starleague. Stream:

Sunday, September 25
• Rocket League A and B CRL qualification

All in-person events are in bold.

Times may change, check Twitter @MTUEsports For updates


Huskies Counter-Strike had a tough week.

In their first season in the ESEA Advanced Division, they finished 5-7 with a 6-16 loss to the Magic School Bus and a 5-16 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Hunter “Retnuh” Holm put 20 and 21 frags respectively.

On Friday, Kennesaw State was strong. Tech had Vertigo on the ropes, 15 rounds to 8, but the win slipped through their fingers in overtime. In the overpass, the Huskies couldn’t find their footing and fell 0-2. Anthony “Ahmore” Scherer had 36 scraps in game one. Tyler “Lord O Pies” Short and team captain CJ “Chowdz” Johnson had 25 kills in Game 2.

The Huskies are 1-1 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier Division. They face George Mason on Friday. However, this game may be delayed again, so check Twitter @mtuesports For updates.

league of legends

Tech lost to Cleveland State in the second round of NECC activation Thursday. But it was a two-run victory over Montana. The Huskies finished the playoffs 2-2.

Team captain David “Poro in the Box” Scott had an 85 percent kill percentage as Diana against Cleveland State. In the victory over Montana, Hayden “Big Daddy Bard” Long scored 15 kills as Aatrox with the help of Jacob “VeyCaution” Mulder scored 214 sightings for Lilia.

The NECC regular season begins Wednesday. Updates to the schedule will be provided as they are released.


Stay tuned for updates as Overwatch 2, released in October, gets closer.

Rocket League

Tech lost 0-3 to Sinai Heights on Monday. The team averaged 6.5 saves per game. Tech is now 0-2 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier Division.

On Saturday, the Huskies won the Rockstar Invitational at Minnesota State. Tech beat out Wayne State, Davenport and Minnesota for the grand prize of $3,333.33!

The Huskies face Butler Monday live on the MTU Twitch page!

The JV squad will begin the season by taking on the Ferris State JV Squad.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

The Smash fell to Central Michigan 0-2 on Thursday. Cameron “Psyke” Duffy took 5 shares as King DeDeDe. Oakland lost their game due to a technical foul. Tech is now 1-1 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier League.

This past weekend, the Huskies sent two rosters to the Rockstar Invitational in Mankato, Minnesota. MTU Huskies Blake Christian “Triple C” Clemmons, Brandon “Coast” Klein, Arthur “Geyser” Duncan and Tyler “Twizzle” Tischer took third place as MTU Huskies Gold took fifth.

Tech Smash will face Aquinas on Thursday. Watch the game live at 7:00 PM!

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