Thornton Center and Haslam Business Partner again for Big Orange Combined College

The Thornton Athletics Student Life Center and Haslam College of Business are teaming up again this year for the annual Big Orange Combine—an immersive experience that takes teams of 10 students to Super Bowl LVI at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

During Super Bowl weekend, the team will network with different athletic-business entities, learn about different fields, and grow a professional network of volunteers across the United States who carry the torch in their careers.

“The Big Orange Combine was created in 2012 to allow students to experience the biggest sporting event of the year and visit companies in the host city area,” said Debbie McKee, Haslam College of Business Professional Development Coordinator and Distinguished Lecturer. . “It’s an amazing opportunity to see every business come together. It’s great to be there and network and gain experience in business and sport. We’re not there to work and be fans, but it’s fun to watch. The VFLs are there too.

Comprised of five Tennessee student-athletes and five students from Haslam College of Business, this year’s class includes Dayne Davis (football), Lindsey Huizenga (women’s swimming), Lawson Rennie (football), Doneko Slaughter (football) and. Jayda Thomas (soccer).

These students could not have made this journey without your help. Thornton Center and Haslam College of Business are seeking assistance to cover airfare, lodging, transportation, meals and other travel-related expenses. Help these students have an incredible opportunity by donating to the event’s VolStarter site.

“The Big Orange Coalition gave me and other student-athletes a chance to work at one of the biggest sporting events and get a behind-the-scenes look at a big production like the Super Bowl,” said 2021 Big Orange Coalition participant Gianna Pelizzon. “This professional networking experience allowed me to further explore my interest in working in sports and only confirmed my desire to work in sports after school. It was exciting to see how much impact sports can have on people’s lives. Being able to interact with media companies like CBS Sports and the inner workings of their producers.” It was a very interesting experience to watch, because this is the field of sports that I am very interested in. Travel to another country with UT students who wish to develop this opportunity and their professional background.

The team experiences first-hand the intricacies and intricacies of sports and event management. You’ll get hands-on experience in all the logistical support behind the biggest sporting event in the United States and witness all the planning and coordination that goes into the prestigious championship. The Vols also participate in the NFL Experience, where relationships are built with experts in various sports businesses.

Of course, all of this leads up to the main event, Super Bowl Sunday. Last year’s contest was watched by over 208 million viewers around the world as the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20.

Thank you in advance to The Thornton Center and Haslam College of Business for your generosity and care to impact the lives of young professionals on the journey. Your donation gives these volunteers the opportunity to pursue their passion and take the first step towards the top of their field. This, coupled with their classroom experience and knowledge, has nothing to stop them from becoming highly respected individuals in their fields.

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