Tips for Improving Your Circuit Racing Lap Times

Tips for Improving Your Circuit Racing Lap Times

Motorsport is a thrilling, competitive, and rewarding activity with a solid community of like-minded and positive enthusiasts. If you enjoy taking your ride out on the track from time to time, you’re probably looking for ways to boost your performance. Luckily, there are plenty of techniques, driving practices, and simple vehicle modifications you can use to achieve a new personal record in no time. Read on to learn helpful tips for improving your circuit racing lap times.


Most circuit racing enthusiasts aren’t professional drivers, so the thought of taking sharp corners at full speed is quite terrifying for many individuals. As such, it’s common for amateur drivers to reduce their acceleration a bit too early upon entering turns, bends, and corners. This premature action makes the seconds add up over the course of the track, bringing down the final lap time. Next time you race, consider holding your acceleration for a second or two longer than usual before entering a turn and pushing the throttle quicker when exiting—this maneuver will take practice to perfect. Through trial and error, you’ll greatly improve your performance and gain greater confidence behind the wheel.


Another acceleration tip to consider for your next race is called hustling. Basically, this driving technique takes advantage of even the smallest straightaways on the track by consistently reaching 100 percent acceleration. For instance, there are always sections of a circuit that only provide a brief window to push the throttle. Most amateur drivers give 50–60 percent throttle during these stretches as that feels more natural and safer. However, reaching maximum speed as often as possible, even for a brief moment, keeps your pace consistent.

Calm Eyes and Slow Hands

Racing is fast-paced and chaotic, which causes a lot of stress on the human body. In response to this stress, losing control over eye and hand movements is natural. Although, it’s much better to maintain a calm demeanor when driving and operate with steady intent. Use slow hands when making your inputs and save more aggressive techniques for correcting slides. Furthermore, keep your eyes focused down the track to avoid surprises and retain a smooth, consistent pace.

Along with these tips for improving your circuit racing lap times, it’s worth tuning up your vehicle before each race to meet the specific demands of the track. You can even create an at-home mechanic setup for easier tinkering. And, of course, remember to enjoy tour time.

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