Tips for Working Construction Jobs in the Winter

Tips for Working Construction Jobs in the Winter

There are some jobs where the weather does not stop the show, and construction jobs fall under that category. There are some instances where the weather is too unbearable outside to perform any job, but once those moments pass, it’s time to get back to the grind. Before stepping out and starting with your next project, here are some tips for working construction jobs in the winter.

Limit Your Exposure

You cannot work outside all day, every day in the winter. You need to know when to take a break. Overworking yourself is not conducive to your line of work and can be extremely dangerous. Limit your exposure outside so that your body temperature remains at a safe level.

If the wind and snow are blowing at extremely low temperatures, schedule outside work in shorter intervals. Break up the larger parts of the project and create a rotation for everyone on the staff. Everyone should get an equal amount of indoor time in a heated trailer or tent.

Gear Up

Construction workers should take care to wear appropriate gear in the winter. Of course, you have the option to layer up—and you should—but you should also consider wearing the gear intended for the weather. All your gear needs to be heavy and remain dry while working the site to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

Purchase the following essential items:

  • Boots
  • Heavy coats
  • Gloves
  • A warm hat to wear under your hard hat

Furthermore, wear undergarments that help maintain your body heat. Thermal pants and shirts underneath your clothes should do the trick. And always keep a pair of thick socks on hand. Heat escapes from human bodies most easily through the head and feet. These are the areas you need to take care to keep covered.

Protect Your Equipment

If equipment is damaged by the weather, you won’t get much work done. Never leave any materials or equipment outside if a bad weather forecast is approaching. Cover them up as much as you can and store away other items inside a heated tent or trailer.

Check your supplies at the beginning and end of each workday. Aside from the equipment, you’ll need to secure and manage the portable restrooms on the site, too. The workers can’t use the restroom if the inside is full of snow or the door is frozen shut.

Check the Site

You don’t want to spend the majority of the workday fighting the weather, but you also don’t want to roll over and just take it. Never start working without checking the site and clearing out any excess snow or ice in the area.

Working on a pile of snow or black ice is asking for trouble. Remove any potential dangers before starting your tasks for the day.

Construction jobs are grueling work, and they only get harder in the winter. But if you follow these tips, you’ll make the project a little easier to get through.

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