Travel to the Moon, via Palos Verdes Peninsula, at ‘Astra Lumina’ – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know

  • “Astra Lumina” is twinkling at South Coast Botanic Garden
  • Through Jan. 29, 2023; 6 to 10 p.m.
  • Tickets start at $29 adult, $20 child

Mapping our course to the moon and the stars far beyond would take a number of complex steps, we imagine, and getting back home? Also a rather time-consuming task, which is something to consider, especially around the busy holiday season.

But we can stay put on this planet and find our way to South Coast Botanic Garden, where a cosmically cool experience is shimmering nightly.

Astra Lumina, designed by the effects wizards at Moment Factory, is an ethereal outdoor journey, one that is lit by illuminated displays.

These spots have a soft, space-sweet feel, like you’ve stepped onto a planet that looks rather like our own, with plants and trees, but one that has been heightened by holiday cheer.

Larking about this luminous expanse takes around 45 minutes to an hour. Like booking a trip to the moon, you’ll want to reserve your ticket to the Palos Verdes Peninsula event ahead of time, and most definitely on weekend nights.

Prepare to walk a “celestial pathway” at Astra Lumina. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

Moon imagery makes a shimmering statement. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

As do orange tubular lights, which give off a “rocketing skyward” vibe. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

Fairy forests can exist in space-like settings, surely. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

Have you entered a new area of the garden or an undiscovered Solar System? (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

The spectacular will run through nearly all of January, in addition to much of December, making it one of the few post-holiday treats to linger throughout the first month. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

3, 2, 1: Tickets are now “taking off” at this galaxy-in-a-garden event. (cr: Astra Lumina LA – Moment Factory)

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