Tulsa Tech nursing students participate in mass emergencies

Some nursing students are learning what to do to prepare if they have to treat patients from a mass shooting.

Tulsa Tech nursing students participated in mass emergency training on Tuesday.

Some of the students felt that even though it was just a simulation, it was real.

To help nursing students and hospital staff respond, Tulsa Tech’s Owasso campus partnered with Ascension St. John Hospital to simulate an active shooter incident.

“It gives our students a great opportunity to practice some of the skills they’ll learn as advanced nursing students and better prepare our community and emergency personnel for any eventuality,” Clark said.

Dr. Leslie Clark said some students had the role of patients with all kinds of injuries, from mild to severe. Some pretended to be family members, while other students pretended to be police.

“The nursing students were given cards with information about their specific role and had already completed research, so they knew exactly how to act on certain symptoms,” Clark said.

Gabrielle Griffin is a nursing student pretending to be injured. He said that going through this training helped him think about how to be the best nurse in such a big situation.

“It was really interesting to be in an active shooter and see the hospital system and see what they have to do,” Griffin said.

Wyatt Hockmeyer, president of Ascension St. John, said the purpose of this training is to ensure employees are equipped to handle mass casualties.

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