Using Amazon technology, ‘March In & Out’ gives Texas A&M fans a new version of grab and go

Using Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, Texas A&M fans can swipe a credit card, select items, and then walk out of the store.Rachel Mahan / Texas A&M

With temperatures topping 100 degrees at sun-drenched Kyle Field, Texas A&M fans are looking for the quickest way to find relief.

Aggies concessionaire Levi’s Restaurants has introduced a new technology-based solution – powered by Amazon – that has the potential to drive consumers through food and beverage marketplaces faster than ever before.

Amazon’s new technology is called “Just Walk Out” and it’s aptly named. Shoppers first swipe their card, enter the store and check out with their items (like a virtual shopping cart). Cameras and sensors monitor their purchases.

An instant contactless shopping experience puts essential liquids in the hands of thirsty fans and allows them to return to their seats in half time. Kyle Field is the first college venue to try out. Levi’s Restaurants introduced Amazon technology to the school.

It is not without its problems. As with any new format, it will require some adaptation as consumers adjust their habits and behaviors. Consumers are sometimes reluctant to enter the marketplace because they don’t swipe their card before making a purchase.

“Food and beverage are a huge part of game day,” said Chris Warner, vice president of hospitality and strategy for Levi’s Restaurants. “The more options we can offer fans, the better their experience will be.”

As “Just Walk Out” teaches consumers, they must leave with their food and drink.

Texas A&M and Levi’s are demonstrating the new marketplace technology at three different locations at Kyle Field. It was used in the first two games against Sam Houston State and Appalachian State earlier this month and will be used throughout the season, said Chris Park, A&M’s associate director of athletics, external relations and business development.

A&M is rebranding its marketplaces as “March In and Out.” Levi’s and A&M will share costs associated with the new marketplaces, from cameras to monitor shoppers to transaction fees.

Levy’s goal at A&M is to complete one full inventory turnover for the season at each of the three marketplaces. For example, if there are 4,000 units in a store, the ending inventory turn is to sell 4,000 units.

In two games, one store reached 70%, while the other two sat at 50%, Warner said.

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