Venture investors are hanging on the changes planned for America – TechCrunch

Consensus in Congress There is a growing push among Democrats to gut the tax bill, generate revenue in other ways, and apply those revenues to climate change-related investments and deficit reduction. In the year If passed, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 would set a lower tax rate for large corporations and close the carried interest loophole.

TechCrunch examined the climate-related provisions in the bill separately, giving us space to discuss the proposed changes to our nation’s tax code, which could impact venture capitalists and other startup backers. The obvious question is whether the change will have a material impact on how capital is channeled into startups; If the tax code change doesn’t dissuade investors, it could limit previously tax-advantaged investments into startups.

So will it? Earlier public Feedback from venture investors suggests that this is not the case That’s what he said. Big deal. Let’s talk about what’s changing and what investors are saying — out loud, at least.

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