VETRESKA’s Singapore-based subsidiary raised $50 million to streamline its business


Shanghai, October 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – VETRESKA Future Pet Food, the SingaporeFamous Chinese pet lifestyle brand VETRESKA-based subsidiary, recently received a 50 million dollars Strategic investment from Quest FoF, a leading pan-Asia agri-food conglomerate VCC. Earlier this year, VETRESKA’s parent company announced it had completed three rounds of funding, raising an undisclosed eight-figure sum in two years. The strategic investment allows VETRESKA’s innovative and brand name to now be complemented by its new investor’s upper base.

VETRESKA co-founder and CEO Donald King “We are very pleased to receive this level of recognition from our experienced investment partners. Since its establishment in 2017, VETRESKA has achieved strong growth worldwide. Today, as a company, we stand at the next level, we believe. This new joint venture will not only act as an incentive to push ourselves forward, but also overcome our past shortcomings.” It will also serve as a convenient vehicle for us to deliver efficiently.Each team will be led by a more focused and professional team, allowing us to be more proactive as we look ahead to the next five years.

Tandeep Singh, Consultant, QuestFoF, said, “After an in-depth analysis of the global high-end pet food and supplies industry, VETRESKA stood out from the rest of the pet product brands, with its product concept coupled with the right insights and insights. . INDUSTRY KEY TRENDS This collaboration between VETRESKA, pet industry branding and marketing, and Quest FoF, a pan-Asian, industrial agri-food company with strong ties to high-end food production and breeding farms. It brings a new dimension to the entire pet industry in all essential proteins Asia-Pacific region”

Improving industrial chains across the board

Upon completion of this strategic investment, VETRESKA’s pet supplies and pet food divisions will be created as two independent businesses. With the team’s roadmap for the next stage of development, the new Singapore Subsidiary VETRESKA Future Pet Food, part of the company’s multi-brand portfolio, fully manages the pet food business. With this new business and organizational restructuring, the group will be able to make its management more efficient, its brand and product distribution more targeted, and its pet foods and supplies offered to consumers more comprehensive and professional.

In addition, VETRESKA leverages the rich resources of its strategic partners in international food raw material procurement, production and processing, to build a quality overseas pet food supply chain system, as well as R&D in cooperation with the famous. Research and academic institutions, including professional veterinary centers Singapore and veterinary institutions of top universities around the world. By combining the latest trends in the animal feed industry and the latest research results in animal nutrition and animal behavior, the company is developing a more comprehensive product matrix to meet the nutritional needs of global consumers.

Rapid international business expansion

The previous three financing rounds earlier this year fueled VETRESKA’s rapid expansion and growth in the global market. In August of this year, VETRESKA established a foreign headquarters SingaporeBuilding a strong team with expertise in business development, direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations, branding and marketing to connect the core business and leverage its supply chain capabilities China to its brand expansion plans globally. In the same month VETRESKA was opened new york Office and the largest pet show in the US attended by SUPERZOO.

In the year By 2022, VETRESKA’s online business for North American markets, including its website and main store on Amazon, is growing rapidly. The company has partnered with major retail chains and department stores in many countries and regions, especially in North America, Southeast Asia, Japan And Korea paved the way for the company’s continued overseas business expansion.

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In the year Founded in 2017, VETRESKA is a fast growing pet lifestyle brand. China. Drawing inspiration from everything that has been created to make human life more enjoyable and comfortable, VETRESKA strives to provide pet lovers with products that incorporate fun and functional design, allowing them to share the joy of life and live with their pets.

Since its inception, the brand has developed popular products, many of which have become very popular, including the Soil-Free Cat Grass, Oasis Cactus Cat Tree, Watermelon Kitty Kove, and Bubble Pet Carrier.

From 2021 to June 2022, VETRESKA has closed three financing rounds, among which, Series B3 was led by Altri Investments, with a significant investment from BOJIA Capital. Series B2 was fully subscribed by existing shareholder Clearvue Partners, and Series B+ was invested exclusively by existing shareholder BOJIA Capital. In 2020, VETRESKA has risen. 20 million dollars It has registered in two financing rounds, including a Series B led by private equity firm Clearvue Partners, a Series A2 led by China Growth Capital earlier this year, and a Series A+ financing round followed by SIG China. Early investors include Galileo Venture, IDG Capital and Hejun Capital.



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