Virginia Tech’s Carillion Class of 2026 sets school records.

Roanoke, Va. (WDJ) – Virginia Tech’s Carilion School of Medicine welcomed its newest class to the Star City this week.

“This is one of my favorite weeks in medical school because we get to welcome our next class of students. This is our 13th class, now entering our teenage years in medical school,” said VTCSOM Dean Lee Lerman.

VTCSOM selected 49 students out of 6,916 applicants, a record number of applicants for the school. Another record set by VTCSOM is that 31 out of 49 students are women.

“There is a national trend toward increasing female applicants to medical school. In the last few years we’ve been a little bit ahead of that trend in having more women than men, this year we’re about 60, 63%.

VTCSOM is proud of what it can offer these students as they move forward in their education.

The most important part of being in this medical school is learning how important it is to be involved in our community. In addition, we are used by our parents, Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic, to deliver superior education. So we get the best of both worlds for students and they have a great time being here.

For more information about VTCSOM’s Class of 2026, you can find the press release below:

“Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine (VTCSOM) welcomes members of the Class of 2026 to begin their medical studies this week. With 49 top-scoring students selected from among 6,916 applicants, Vitsisom remains one of the most selective medical schools in the country. The number of applicants is more than 500 more than last year.

VTCSOM enrolls 31 female students, comprising 63 percent of the class. About 55 percent of the students who entered last year were women. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the percentage of female students nationally increased from 46.4 percent in 2012-13 to 55.5 percent in 2021-22 over the past decade.

“I warmly welcome our newest class of students to the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and to the Roanoke region. The four years ahead will develop their professional identity with core values ​​of collaboration and excellence. innovation and discovery; Humanity and Compassion; and diversity, equity and inclusion,” said VTCSOM Dean Lee Lerman. “Our innovative curriculum prepares them with a complex understanding of how care is delivered, how health professionals work to deliver that care, and how the health system can improve patient care and health care delivery. I look forward to seeing these students prepare to become tomorrow’s physician thought leaders.”

The Class of 2026 includes five students who are considered medically underrepresented, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, which defines racial and ethnic populations as underrepresented in the medical profession relative to the general population. Additionally, eight students came from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and one was a first-generation college student.

“We continue to be inspired by the number of applicants who contribute to the school’s mission,” said Melanie Prusakowski, admissions associate at VTCSOM. I am sure that all the exceptional individuals who have spoken or written about their passion for serving others will be further strengthened by this exciting learning environment.

Students in the class represent 16 states, one each from Washington, D.C., and Quebec. Ten are from Virginia and two live in their hometown of Roanoke. The students came from 37 undergraduate institutions, including three at Virginia Tech.

VTCSOM has a rigorous curriculum in which all students are required to complete an original, hypothesis-driven research project and a lengthy course in health systems science and professional enterprise practice. These requirements ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills to become scientist-physicians and system citizens who lead improvements in health and health care. The Class of 2026 was well prepared for these aspects of the VTCSOM, each conducting an average of 2,957 research hours with 2,903 clinical hours.

Among other class highlights:

  • Average student age: 25
  • Number of Master’s degree students: 17.
  • Undergraduate Average GPA: 3.6.
  • Average MCAT score: 512
  • Number of students who re-applied: 13.

After orientation week, the class begins its regular academic program. Students will have a white coat ceremony on October 14th to officially welcome them into the medical profession and assign them their significant roles and responsibilities once they have completed their first semester of study.

Recruitment for the Class of 2027 has begun, and the first round of interviews is expected to take place in person in August. Prospective students can learn more about VTCSOM admissions and the application process on the school’s website.

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