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Today’s award (a muffled ‘hrmph!’ and a respectful nod) b Best title goes to DevinAnd given that we’re sneaking up on Black Friday, we have. Some of the best tech deals collected for you.

I know we try our hand at Thanksgiving every day, but here in America tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we both want to thank you all for following our crazy journey through the dark world of technology this year. Thanks for the long weekend too. No newsletter for a few days, so we’ll have it all on Monday! – Christine And came

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • Exposed!If there was ever a time for our governments to update their outdated energy grid software, now is probably it. Carly A new Microsoft report claims that attackers have found some vulnerable web servers with really old software and are using it to hack into power networks.
  • Digitizing CPGs with some MDCs to get more GMV: Tanzania-based Ramani has raised $32 million for a financial services startup designed to digitize the consumer packaged goods supply chain and provide loans to sellers. Annie It has more.
  • So the matter escalated so quicklyThe first stories of COVID-19 cases with sick travelers stuck on cruise ships are playing out a bit in China this week, and it’s causing some headaches for Apple. Rita Reports. After the virus outbreak at Foxconn, where iPhones are made, protesters have taken to the streets and are living in close quarters with infected colleagues to protest being forced to work.

Startups and VCs

Harvey, building a startup that he describes as “the co-pilot of lawyers.” It came out of hiding today with $5 million in funding led by the OpenAI Startup Fund.A segment where OpenAI and its partners invest in early-stage AI companies to solve major problems; Kyle Reports.

And here are five more to tide you over until Monday:

4 ways to use e-commerce data to optimize LTV before and after the holidays

Image Credits: 123 Duke (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

E-commerce startups make about a fifth of their annual revenue in the two months after Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday. But how can brands turn consumers who respond to holiday promotions into repeat customers year-round?

Dan LeBlanc, CEO and co-founder of Data & Analytics Dusty, has written a detailed strategy guide aimed at helping marketers maximize ROI and create team analytics that track lifetime value versus customer acquisition cost.

“Consumer brands that know how to use their data to increase LTV will conquer the holidays and set their brands up for growth in the new year.”

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

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And now we have four more for you:

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