Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental More Appealing

Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental More Appealing

After investing in a vacation rental property, the list of to-dos grows by the day to ensure it is appealing to guests. With the primary goal of earning a passive income, you need to consider all the little things that will contribute to overall guest satisfaction and book rates. This article discusses some of the key things to consider for maximizing your profits and reaping the benefits.

Stock the Kitchen

Stocking the kitchen with the necessary utensils and cookware can help guests cook meals and entertain more comfortably. You can provide a clear list of expectations for the cookware to help maintain a thorough caretaking process between guests.

You don’t have to stock the pantry or cabinets with food or beverages. Simply providing kitchen essentials can do wonders for leaving an impression on your renters.

Spend Some Time on Feng Shui

One significant thing to do for your vacation rental is to invest in the right decor elements to get the feng shui right. Guests love to feel at ease on vacation and don’t want to do any upkeep. So, by ensuring your feng shui is on point, you can help set the environment’s intentions and leave a lasting impression throughout the home’s interior.

Don’t Neglect the Landscaping

The curb appeal and outdoor elements are your guests’ first real in-person impression of your property, so it’s essential you invest in landscaping. Neglecting the landscaping in between guests happens but try to maintain a proper schedule or system that helps keep the lawn tidy, the bushes trimmed, and any weeds at bay. Whether you intend to do the landscaping yourself or hire a company, try to keep things consistent so the property maintains its appealing grounds.

Ensure There Is a Cleaning Schedule

Part of your routine landscaping system can include a detailed cleaning schedule. While you need to ensure you do various cleaning procedures after guests check out, you also want to think about deep cleaning on a routine basis to avoid spreading germs.

Guests will be coming and going from all geographies, so cleaning after they leave is essential to help maintain the property. Consider deep cleaning at least twice a month if your bookings are consistent.

Speak To the Local Area

Depending on the address for your vacation rental, you can appeal to your guests by spotlighting the local area’s attractions. If your guests are often in town for specific events or activities, play into that with decor and design concepts that match the themes of those activities or events.

These appealing concepts can give guests a more immersive experience. An example of this would be if your rental sits in mountainous forests and hikes or outdoor elements are the go-to attraction; you can bring the outdoor atmosphere indoors with greenery, natural woods, unique architecture, and earth-tone colors.

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