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Hello and welcome back to Equity, the startup business podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines. Before we get into this week’s show notes, some programming stuff:

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That’s behind us, Mary Ann, Natasha and what did Alex get into today? A whole collection of things. Here are the details:

  • Exit and Pacasso: What happens when you combine Airbnb, vacation homes, timeshares, and REITs? A very interesting starter set, it turns out. These two companies brought Mary Ann and Natasha to the same reporting location and gave us a great opportunity to discuss the luxury market.
  • The Muse will be friendly: One of the most exciting deals we saw last week was The Muse buying Fairygodboss, a recruiting platform aimed at working moms. The deal got us thinking about the potential for services in various sectors of the startup market, and where we might see more activity first. As Natasha recently put it in Startups Weekly, here are three words to think about the market right now. Fatigue, trouble, startup purchases.
  • Party/Hangover: Mary Ann’s weekly column, Exchange, is a brilliantly focused look at the latest (and sometimes not so great) in fintech. We will talk Her recent interview with index Mark GoldbergAnd why the party is over and talks about the side character.
  • Q3 VC: Alex is digging into the Q3 venture capital data as quickly as possible, working to understand where things stand. While US-based venture activity seems to be hanging in there, the picture is a little worse globally. Elsewhere, fintech investment is falling, as it is in crypto-land.
  • Ownership for all: We conclude by looking at some recent efforts to challenge the traditional structure of the venture. Shoutout to Chattanooga’s Brickyard, which recently raised $17 million in funding, for 10% of GP’s interest in the new fund. Sharing is caring. And really, it’s fair.

all right! no more! It’s time to travel to San Francisco, where we can’t wait to see your beautiful faces. Chat soon!

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