What To Look For When Buying Chain Slings

What To Look For When Buying Chain Slings

As you work on a job site, you don’t have time for products that are unsafe or unreliable, especially when it comes to lifting heavy loads. Chain slings can help you, but finding the right ones for your business can be challenging. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying chain slings.

Consider Load Weight

If you find yourself in a situation where you see signs that your chain slings are experiencing corrosion, it’s time to buy new ones. The first thing to consider in this process is the weight and strength of the loads they’ll need to lift. Obviously, it’s not safe to use rusty chains on your site. But it’s also not a good idea to use new ones that can’t provide the support necessary to prevent loads from falling and causing injury.

Check Their Service Temperatures

It’s also important to look at the temperature limits of the chain slings. Some can endure temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows them to work in environments with harsh conditions. But if you drop below that, you may need to lower your load limits to prevent accidents from happening or damaging the chain.

Look at Their Lifting Points

Another feature to look for when buying chain slings is the presence of lifting points. If the slings don’t come with a device that allows you to attach them to the load, you’ll need to devise a new method to connect them. If the sling features thread holes, ensure that the holes are large enough and that their material can lift the load itself.

Read the Ratings

You should also determine the industrial ratings of the slings since they’ll tell you under what conditions you can use them. These include the temperature, the environment, and how you should attach the sling to your load. This information lets you know whether you’ve found a product that will meet your needs.

With these tips, you’ll be closer to finding the right chain slings for your job site. You’ll be able to do work more efficiently and help ensure that your employees go home safely every night.

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