What’s the most sustainable way to get around during London Fashion Week?


As any seasoned London Fashion Week attendee will tell you, one of the hardest parts is moving.

Of course, to the outside eye, the industry’s biennial event can seem like it’s all pomp and pageantry, with fashion editors zipping around in their limousines, dressed head-to-toe in fashion as they preview upcoming collections.

The reality, however, is somewhat different.

Each show, you see, takes place in a different location in the city. And yes, they are often miles apart, even though they are next to each other on schedule.

Suggested scenes directly from The devil wears Prada with hundreds of fashion writers running over zebra crossings, laptop in one hand, white oat milk in the other – it’s a cliché that unfortunately rings true for many of us.

You would think that the easiest way to get between the catwalks would be to use the city’s public transport. Unfortunately, this tactic is no good when you’re reporting on shows, often with only 20 minutes to go before the next show.

It’s no easy feat to write copy on your phone when you’re on a crowded tube with no Wi-Fi and sandwiched between commuters and tourists.

Hence, many of us end up taking taxis. Not only is this one of the most expensive ways to get around the city, it’s also one of the least sustainable.

Enter Volvo, whose C40 Recharge car was transported by ferry The Independentfashion team around the duration of this season.

The car itself is 100 percent electric and boasts an interior made from sustainable premium materials, part of the brand’s commitment to be an all-electric car company by 2030. It’s also completely leather-free.

Comfortable, spacious and with plenty of room to sit and write between shows, the car offered an ideal eco-friendly solution to LFW’s transportation problem.

Not only was there plenty of room for snacks (essential when you’re traveling between shows, where there’s almost no food or drink), but our delightful driver, Paul, gave us the five-star FROW treatment by always insisting on opening the door for us. .

He also graciously regaled us with stories about some of his other A-list clients, including Rod Stewart.

Having a car at LFW is an absolute game changer. Being able to have one that is durable is an added bonus.

The Independent was awarded a Volvo for London Fashion Week.

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