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Most companies have worked hard over the years to build strong and reliable Internet connections in the office, but especially in the past several years, as more employees have been working away from the office, it has become difficult for IT professionals to replicate and replicate that speed. Security.

Cloudbrink, a startup launched in 2019, has built a solution to bring (as much as possible) the same security and speed found in the building to the workplace. The company announced today that it has invested $25 million.

“We’ve taken this whole process that’s traditionally done in the office and encapsulated that in software and a pure SaaS service. Users download the Cloudbrink app wherever they go and get an inherently faster and more secure experience for all workloads,” Prakash Mana, the company’s founder and CEO, told TechCrunch. They said.

The company has built a type of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and the solution works in the background to automatically improve speed. It can detect if there is enough bandwidth on your home or local coffee shop network. Then, if the connection starts to deteriorate, it will preemptively replace packets that were already dropped before those packets completed their cycles.

The end result of that is that no matter what online service you use, whether it’s Salesforce or Zoom, you’ll feel like CloudBrink’s software is fixing communication issues in the background, according to Magna.

The startup has created three components of the solution. The first is an app on the end user’s phone. The second is what the company calls “fast edges,” or access points near end users and ultimately software distributed in the employer’s data center or cloud environment, designed to maintain zero-trust for the entire system.

The company It launched in 2019 and spent the first year and a half building the solution before releasing the product 10 months ago. “We launched the service 10 months ago to select customers in select segments. And since then, we’ve seen tremendous momentum in the market. We continue to have a double-digit customer base and have international users in the thousands,” he said.

“We’ve been growing five to 7x. And given the tremendous momentum we’re seeing in the market, we expect similar accelerated growth in the coming years as this hybrid continues to be a major challenge in all the enterprises we speak to.”

The startup currently has 50 employees and as it continues to grow with this new investment, Mana says building a diverse company is an important part of it. In some ways, he says, the pandemic has helped him in that regard by allowing him to be hired from anywhere. “Being able to hire anywhere on the planet gives us the flexibility to ensure that we bring diverse personalities, diverse cultures and amazing talent to Cloudbrink,” he said.

Today’s $25 million investment was led by Highland Capital Partners, with participation from Textile Combination Studio, First Rays VP, Streamlined Ventures, BluePointe Ventures, CMF, Qualcomm Ventures and several industry angels.

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