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Hello and welcome back to Equity, the startup business podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

Is justice going to stay with us on the riots that start the whole event? Use code ‘EQUITY’ to save 15% on your tickets. Hell yes, and see you there!

Alex, Natasha And Mary Ann Hop on the mic with Teresa Productions to talk about the biggest headlines from the week!

  • Deals of the week! During this time, Polywork raised $28 million, Block Party raised $4.8 million, and we had Remofirst and its own recent fundraiser. Naturally we had to leave 234 deals on the cutting room floor, but these are the ones we can’t wait to discuss more. Also, don’t Polywork, Block Party and Remofirst sound like fun people to have dinner with? Just us?
  • Insurtech Niche goes From there, it was time to break out Mary Ann’s series of stories focused on specialty insurance companies, and PE proved that it was still possible to raise nine figures as an insurance-focused startup.
  • The Great Shipping Wars; The next news was from Instacart, including that the IPO is still in progress, and that it is busy introducing products as it heads to the public markets. It is also revealed that a group of companies are more interested in the business. Doordash, for one.
  • Layoffs and more: And then getting fired. Getting fired by Metafi, getting fired by Sundae and getting fired by Ola. But we found a silver lining and ran with it.

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