Wisconsin Tech Month is here

Wisconsin Tech Month is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we’ve invited two leaders in the tech community: Nadiah Johnson and Ben Jaurez. Nadia Johnson is CEO and Founder of Jet Constellation and Founder of Milky Way Tech Hub, and Ben Jaurez is the CEO of Tech Like | He is the founder of Minded and Latinos. They have impressive careers that prove they are industry experts – but are they given the same opportunities as others in the industry?

Our discussion will focus on the lack of diversity in the tech industry and how to bring funding, access and resources to the underrepresented. We’ll also discuss the current state of Milwaukee in the tech industry and what changes we can make as a community to help others see Milwaukee as a tech hub. So for those looking to get into tech, find ways to move Wisconsin forward, and bring more inclusivity to the tech industry, this class is for you.

Nadiah and Ben are passionate about bringing diversity to tech and advocating for Black and Brown-led organizations like many others in the Milwaukee area. Considering that only 1% of black founders are venture-backed, one can see the disconnect when examining the statistics. As Nadia puts it, “It’s a matter of money, access, resources and I would add lack of corporate support. The way we consider the corporation’s co-conspirators.

And it’s not just about advocating for funding for these organizations, it’s also about getting the word out. Reflecting on his own experience with technology, Ben says, “What if someone knew I could do this when I was 12 or 16? And then he showed me and as a demystist for me, I’m flying. That is why he made it his mission to spread awareness of these opportunities to others.

In this episode, Nadia and Ben discuss where the tech community stands in Milwaukee, where they want to see it go, and what people can do to move it forward. So tune in and get an insight into the future of technology. For more information visit the links below:

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