Wolfpack coaches, fans show support for injured Texas Tech player.

NC State football coach Dave Doren visited Texas Tech linebacker Bryce Ramirez at a Wakemead hospital on Tuesday, three days after Martinez suffered a gruesome left leg injury in the Red Raiders’ loss to the No. 12 Wolfpack.

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A gruesome injury during NC State’s game against Texas Tech on Saturday left a Tech player in the hospital where he underwent surgery on his second leg. But the State fans are showing their support as Chris Lee joins us in the studio to watch that injury happen, Chris. It’s refreshing to see NC State fans rallying around this player while he’s in the hospital. yes. Gerald said in this game that Texas Tech’s Bryce Ramirez suffered a serious leg injury at Carter Stadium last Saturday against NC State, and yesterday Ramirez tweeted to fans that he had successful surgery here and is looking forward to it. To thank the Texas Tech and NC State fans today for that support. NC State players spoke for the first time about that injury and the prayers they’ve been saying for Ramirez. And after the game I thought it was his leg and I didn’t get it. Oh, but you know, we all said some prayers for him on the field. You know we went there to let him know that we would be praying for him while he was on the card. But we also as a team signed this um I guess this morning he said you know well he’s like a poster because we know it’s hard for you to know he’s out of a game like this because I think I heard he might be the first start. But you know, we wish him the best and hope he gets well soon. It’s great that they’re all laid out together. Ramirez is expected to return to Lubbock, Texas to continue his recovery. It will come on sports tomorrow or Thursday at six o’clock. NC State quarterback Devin Leary gave his thoughts on the injury and recalled that Leary suffered a very similar foot injury two seasons ago. So it will be interesting to see what he has to say. It’s a small brotherhood and you know the same thing happens when an NC State player gets hurt against Texas. Those Texas Tech players and fans will go out the same way. Absolutely.

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