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RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke says Kyle “dragged” her to get Botox

Sutton Stracke says Kyle

Sutton stracke know what she wants.

Sometimes the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star can be influenced to change plan. Last season on the show, Sutton was sure she did not want to hang out together Erika Jayne (due to the stink of her legal problems). But by the end of the season, the cameras were back on both of them hanging out together.

Now Sutton is changing his mind about something more toxic – Botox. For those who do not know, Botox is a cosmetic treatment that uses toxins to paralyze one’s facial muscles. Surprisingly, Erika seems to have the same effect.

RHOBH summary: Erika's threats reach a new level as she hits Sutton heads againWhat was the impetus for Sutton’s changing views on Botox? All the honor goes on Kyle Richards.

At Sutton’s “Cashmere & Caviar” party in West Hollywood, the star told Page Six that Kyle “dragged” her to get the treatment. Three years ago, Sutton “has never received Botox before. I was 47 and I’ve never done that! … Kyle dragged me to fetch Botox [celebrity skincare specialist] Nurse Jamie. ”

She continued: “I met [Jamie] during my first season. That’s when Kyle and I went to Nurse Jamie’s… And that’s how I finally got my roller coaster. ”

The roller is, of course, the infamous cosmetic Sutton used last season. She repeatedly applied it under her eyes as a way to reduce anxiety.

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“Nurse Jamie is wonderful!” says Sutton, though she still feels a little reluctant about Botox. “Nurse Jamie says, ‘You get the most microdose Botox.’ That’s how I microdose – with Botox. But now I’m like, ‘I might have to raise a notch.’

Then Sutton changed the direction of the interview: “We can get so fixated on it. I mean, we all want to look good and we all want to stay young … But really, I think our youth comes from our hearts. ”

She explained: “I have a daughter and therefore I want to make sure that she learns from me. The biggest lesson is that appearance is secondary. Who you are as a person is first and how you live your life, to be a leader and to lead by example is what is most important … Because you can look amazing, but it does not matter if you are a he is not a horrible person. ”

Although appearance is secondary, Sutton still rated fashion highly.

“Initially it hurt when [fans] apparently did not understand my fashion choices. But now I do not pay attention to comments and what not, ”she said at the outlet. “I love couture – and couture is all about slow fashion and meticulous detail.”

She added, “It does not translate for many people. People do not understand it all the time, because it is a little different – but I am a little different.”

RHOBH Sutton Stracke attends 2021 People's Choice Awards

Sutton addressed the critics who say she should “fire [her] stylist. ”

“I vm my stylist. I style myself and I would not want it any other way. Just because if I do not like it, then I will not feel comfortable. I do not like people telling me what to wear – or what to do in general – because I am an earth sign. So I’m grounded and I do not need anyone to do this for me. ”

In Sutton’s opinion, fashion is like a dance: “I only choreograph my own life and fashion is a big part of my choreography … I want people to know that it’s right to be peculiar and help them understand That you can express yourself however you want. “

If only Sutton had learned this lesson earlier. In all likelihood, it would have helped last season when she screamed about her co-star’s “ugly leather pants”.

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Change, just like fashion, is sometimes slow.

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