Bae Dard: Prashant Jade’s Solo Symphony of Love, Laughter, and Twists 1

Bae Dard

Bae Dard- In the vast landscape of the Indian film industry, where grand productions and star-studded casts often take center stage, Prashant Jade emerges as a one-man army with his latest creation, “Bae Dard.” This Hindi feature-length film, written, directed, and produced single-handedly by Jade, takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, laughter, and unexpected turns.

A) The Production was a One-Man Show – Prashant Jade [Story/Screenplay/Direction/Spot Boy/Light Boy/Production Boy/Editor]

In an industry known for its collaborative nature, Prashant Jade defies the norm by wearing multiple hats throughout the production of “Bae Dard.” From crafting the story and screenplay to handling the directorial duties, from being the spot boy to managing lights and production, and finally, taking charge of the editing process, Jade’s commitment and passion shine through every frame. This solo endeavor is a testament to his dedication and love for the craft. XpressionZ Productions Banner, keen to work with fresh talents.

B) Shot Extensively from 7pm to 7am For 40 Days

 The filmmaking process is notorious for its demanding schedules, but “Bae Dard” takes it a step further. Jade, determined to capture the essence of the story, opted for an unconventional shooting schedule, extensively filming from 7 pm to 7 am for a whopping 40 days. This choice not only adds a unique touch to the film’s visual aesthetics but also reflects the filmmaker’s unwavering commitment to his vision.

C) Mostly Shot in Natural Lights Owing to Budget Constraints and No Producer Backup

Budget constraints can often be a hindrance in the world of cinema. In the case of “Bae Dard,” Jade’s resourcefulness shines as he predominantly relies on natural lighting. The absence of a producer backup did not deter him; instead, it became a catalyst for creativity. The film’s visual appeal, bathed in the nuances of natural light, adds an authentic charm to the narrative.

D) Hindi Feature-Length Film Made In A Non-Hindi Speaking South Indian State, Finding Good Hindi Speaking Actors

Challenges often pave the way for innovation. “Bae Dard” stands out as a Hindi feature film created in a non-Hindi speaking South Indian state. The task of finding proficient Hindi-speaking actors in this setting added an extra layer of complexity. However, Jade’s commitment to authenticity led him to a cast that not only delivered their lines flawlessly but also brought a fresh perspective to the film.

The Cast Includes, A very promising Actor, Aniruddha Roy, Known for his roles in 777 Charlie, Chamak, Swaraj, Scam 2003, Crimes & Confessions, Mauka E vardaat. Talent to watch out for, Sue Anieson, known for her roles in Kempiruve, Pyar Mein Panauti, in the lead.
Ably supported By Abhijeet Sahay, Dr Kavita Jindal, Amit Mehta to name a Few.

E) Entire Cast Comes From a Strong Theatre Background. The Movie Is a Romcom and Family Entertainer. Absolutely Clean Comedy.

The success of any film lies in the synergy of its cast. In “Bae Dard,” Jade assembles a cast hailing from a strong theatre background. This theatrical influence permeates the film, elevating the performances to a level of authenticity rarely seen in mainstream cinema. Described as a romcom and family entertainer, “Bae Dard” promises clean comedy, providing a breath of fresh air in an era where humor often takes a risqué turn.



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