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Cancer for Libra: 4 zodiac signs that disregard red flags in love

We all know a pessimist in our life who is constantly pinning something bad or always on the verge of complaining, no matter what! Similarly, we all know a person who refuses to notice the worst in others and always appreciates the best in people. Clearly, this is an incredible personality trait, but not the best one when it comes to love. It would seem that some people turn a blind eye to the red flags that their lover tries to give and consequently becomes deceitful or toxic in love. Read on to know who these people are.

1. Cancer

Known as one of the most emotional signs, ruled by the sun, it is no wonder why this zodiac sign comes under this list. Being a complete romantic and those who believe in the idea of ​​deep love, cancer eventually skips all the striking red flags and turns out to be an emotional fool by their lover. They make the lover or love the protagonist of their life and look completely into their eyes of any kind of disappointment, lies and deception that lies in the way.


2. Lion

Because Leos are a brave and courageous personality holder, just like a Lion, Leos have a big heart and they often see things from their heart instead of the mind. They believe in making their love conquests completely dreamy just like a movie and therefore they ignore all those mixed red signals and choose to fix their beloved and love life with care and attention.


3. Certain

A fish is far too optimistic when in love. On top of that, they carry a heavy bag of unrealistic, movie-like expectations that make them fall in love excessively. Even if they become aware of the red flags in a commitment, they just blindly close their eyes and try to make the relationship work to realize their dream of happiness.


4. Libra

Known as a skilled balancer, Libra will go to any depth to make their relationship work. No matter how many lies or false expectations their partner gives them, they will probably take everything and always protect them if someone tries to unmask the reality of their partner. Because it is an element of air, this sign has a personality trait and is fairly easy to manipulate in a relationship. Consequently, Libra tends to neglect all the signs of caution and ends up in tears of disguise.

Disclaimer: Although these traits are generic, they are primarily focused on your animal traits; all of the above features may not necessarily apply to you.

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