10 Best Deals: Garmin Watches, Wireless Chargers, and Sleep Tech

It’s Garmin’s birthday. This weekend, and through September 18th, you can gift yourself at our annual sale. Not only have we combed the sale to find deals on your favorite Garmin smartwatches, we’ve also rounded up deals on wireless chargers, sound machines, and sunrise alarm clocks. After going out for a run with the new Forerunner 945, you can charge it up, fall asleep faster, and wake up refreshed to get going the next day.

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Garmin discounts

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Photo: Garmin

The Vivomove Sport is our favorite entry-level watch in the Garmin game. It has many fitness and activity tracking options while measuring your heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen and respiration. It comes in several colors and adjusts the technical features and analog clock parts on the real face. You don’t have to sacrifice fitness tracking capabilities. It was already affordable for Garmin, so this discount is a real win.

For the sportsman among us, the previous series is the way to go. You get GPS connectivity, heart rate monitors and the usual health tracking features, but (informative voice) that’s not all! It also has incident detection (if you fall), underwater heart rate monitoring and messaging to viewers. If you don’t need all those features, the Forerunner 735XT retails for $150 ($200 off), and the Forerunner 45S retails for $140 ($60 off).

It’s no secret that we think the Phoenix series is the cream of the crop when it comes to outdoor watches. The Solar Edition Fenix ​​watches are powered by the sun to keep the battery charged even in cloudy weather. We tested a newer version, but the 6X Pro still satisfies the most hardcore athletes.

Garmin Lilly Classic Edition

Photo: Garmin

The Lily Classic Edition is a Goldilocks combination of form and function. It may be small in height, but the screen is large enough to see notifications, and it responds well to swipes and taps. This is a great choice for people with small wrists who want the motion and tracking features that come with the most rugged smartwatches.

Kids tend to imitate the adults in their lives, so if you’re looking for a smartwatch of your own, look no further. Vivofit Junior 3 is a kid-friendly line that comes in a variety of fun colors, is safe for swimming, and can track and encourage your child’s activities, from fitness to chores.

Wireless charger discounts

RapidX Modula 5

Photography: RapidX

There is something sacred about where you charge your phone. Maybe it’s because our phones are just another attachment, maybe it’s just because we want consistency in an unstable world. Regardless, trying to charge your phone in an unfamiliar place while traveling is difficult, with all the wrong outlets and limited space. RapidX Modula 5 laughs at this unusual existential problem. It can charge up to two phones at 10 watts each, with portable charging pads offering even more freedom. It’s a great option for those who travel a lot or like a little more flexibility.

Do you have an Apple Watch, the latest iPhone or AirPods with a wireless charging case? This is a great way to charge all three (you’ll need an iPhone with MagSafe support). The phone floats and charges in the middle, your wireless headphones sit underneath, and the Apple Watch sits in the back. It is a very compact and convenient three-in-one system.

Samsung lovers, come one and come all—the wireless charger trio is here for all Galaxy Watch5, Watch4, Watch3, Active2, Active and Samsung phones. The circular dock on the Trio is for watches, but otherwise you can easily store your other devices on the dock. This is perfect for families, couples or roommates who all use Samsung phones.

Sleep discounts

Homelabs Sunrise

Photo: Amazon

Working with circadian rhythms sounds easy on paper, but in practice it can be difficult. Sunrise alarm clocks can help wake you up with “natural” light without making noises around the room. The Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock features a sturdy construction and a prominent LED to gently guide your eyes in the morning. It’s already pretty cheap, so at this price it’s a steal.

Click the coupon button on the page to view the offer. When you’re ready to unwind after a long day, the Dreamegg D11 white noise machine will help you break the silence. It is marketed to infants, but its effectiveness is not discriminatory. The sounds range from fans or light bulbs to the busy room of the restaurant, and the machine is too small to fit in most places.

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