5 Best Password Managers (2022): Features, Pricing and Tips


There are extensions for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux as well as all major web browsers. Bitwarden has support for Windows Hello and Touch ID in its desktop application for Windows and macOS, giving you the added security of those biometric authentication systems. Bitwarden recently introduced passwordless authentication support, which means you can log in with a one-time code, biometric authentication, or security key.

I love Bitwarden’s semi-automatic password filling tool. If you visit a site where you have saved credentials, the Bitwarden browser icon will show the number of credentials saved from that site. Click the icon and it will ask which account you want to use and automatically fill out the login form. This makes switching between usernames easier and avoids the auto-fill pitfalls we mention at the bottom of this guide. If you simply must have a fully automated form filling feature, Bitwarden supports that too.

Bitwarden offers a paid upgrade account. Bitwarden Premium, the cheapest of the bunch, is $10 per year. That gets you 1GB of encrypted file storage, two-factor authentication like UBKey, FIDO U2F, Duo, and password sanity and vault health reporting. Paying also gets you advance customer support.

After registering, Download the app For Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or Linux. Browser extensions b Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Vivaldi and Brave.

The best full-featured manager

Courtesy of Dashlane

I first met Dashlan many years ago. Back then, it was similar to its competitors without any special features. But recent updates have added several helpful features. One of the best is Site Infringement Alerts, and other services have been added since then. Dashlane proactively monitors website vulnerabilities, looks for leaked or stolen personal information, and notifies you if your information has been compromised.

It’s easy to set up and migrate from another password manager, and as part of the 1Password setup process, you use a secret key to encrypt your passwords. Functionally, Dashlane is very similar to the others on this list. The company doesn’t offer a desktop app, but I primarily use passwords in a web browser, and Dashlan has add-ons for all major browsers, along with iOS and Android apps. If a desktop app is important to you, that’s what you need to know. Dashlane offers a 30-day free trial, so you can try before you commit.

After registering, Download the app For Android and iOS, and browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Another option

Courtesy of NordPass

NordPass is a relatively new kid on the password manager block, but it comes from a company with a significant track record. NordVPN is a well-known VPN provider, and the company brings much of the ease of use and simplicity that makes its VPN offerings to its password manager. The installation and setup process is a breeze. There are apps for every major platform (including Linux), browser and device.

The free version of NordPass is limited to one device, and there is no syncing. There is a seven-day free trial of the premium version that lets you test device sync. But to get that for good, you’ll have to upgrade to the $36-a-year plan. (Like VPN services, NordPass accepts payment in cryptocurrencies.)


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