5 Engine Sounds That You Should Get Looked At

5 Engine Sounds That You Should Get Looked At

You shouldn’t ignore certain things when it comes to your car. We often rely on indicators like smoke, the check engine light, or a shaking vehicle to signal that something is wrong. However, sometimes a simple change in the noises your car makes can be the first sign that something needs fixing. Here are five engine sounds that you should get looked at to hopefully save yourself a large mechanic bill.

1. Knocking

Steady knocking sounds are a fairly common occurrence. Typically, the problem comes from your engine’s air/fuel mixture detonating in multiple places. You may be using the wrong octane fuel, or one of your engine’s knock sensors may need replacing.

2. Grinding

Unfortunately, there are many possible causes for a grinding sound in your engine. You may be able to narrow it down by listening for when the sound occurs. For example, you may need to replace your bearings if you experience grinding when your car is in motion and when idle. If it happens when you’re trying to stop, you likely need new brake pads.

3. Squealing

Squealing is one of those engine sounds that you should get looked at as soon as possible because, on top of potentially damaging your vehicle, it’s really annoying. The most common cause of a squealing engine is worn-down belts, which can be catastrophic if they snap on you. If you only hear the squeal when making a turn, it’s likely from your steering system.

4. Clicking

Peculiar clicking or tapping sounds are commonplace and, while potentially dangerous, are easy to fix. Clicking sounds almost always come from your engine being low on oil. Checking your fluid levels is one of the most important maintenance tips for engines, and if you notice it’s running a little low, you should top it off.

5. Loud Booms

The loud bang of a car backfiring may be startling but generally comes from excess fuel that didn’t burn up in the combustion chamber. You may be dealing with an air/fuel ratio that’s too rich or lean. If your car continues to backfire, we don’t recommend driving it. Instead, you may need to call for a tow.

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