5 Potential Reasons Your Washing Machine Won’t Work

5 Potential Reasons Your Washing Machine Won’t Work

Washing your clothing is a routine. You have a busy schedule and a variety of responsibilities, which is why you need the washing machine to work when you need it.

If you’re experiencing challenges with your washing machine, read through some of the potential reasons it won’t work so that you can get your routine back up and running!

Broken or Misaligned Locking Mechanism

Once the detergent and clothing are inside the machine, you may close the lid and begin the cycle. However, a broken or misaligned lid can prevent the cycle.

The locking mechanism signals that the washing machine is safe to turn on. Sometimes the hinge on the lid becomes bent or skewed. When it can’t lock into place, the machine won’t start. The door may also stay locked even after the cycle is complete. It’s a frustrating issue that doesn’t allow you to easily wash your clothing.

Clogged Drain Hose

Another potential reason the washing machine won’t work is a clogged drain hose. Dirt, dust, lint, and soap residue are the most common culprits of the issue. Additionally, if you frequently wash clothing with grease or oil stains without cleaning beforehand, those substances can build up within the drain hose over time.

The clogged hose obstructs the water from exiting the reservoir, preventing it from draining completely. The water will pool at the bottom with the clothing at the end of the cycle.

Faulty Drain Pump

The drain pump receives a signal that it’s time to drain the water. It passes through the drain hose and drain pump. However, if the drain pump doesn’t work correctly, the water may continue to linger in the reservoir with the clothing.

The drain pump may falter for several reasons. One important piece within the drain pump is the impeller. It can succumb to damage if an item blocks its movement and causes the entire drain pump to break down.

Another cause is an electrical issue. Since the drain pump receives an electrical signal, there may be a problem with the voltage levels. You can use a multimeter on the pump’s motor to determine if there’s sufficient voltage to send the proper signal for the drain pump to remove the water.

Damaged Plumbing

Do you notice a strange smell? Do you see a leak behind the washing machine? Behind the washing machine itself is the plumbing.

The plumbing pipes are essential to supply the water to the machine. However, some problems can arise. Regions with hard water commonly have issues with their home’s plumbing systems.

Hard water can greatly impact your plumbing appliances because it breaks down metal pipes over time to cause corrosion and blockage. An insufficient water supply can reach the machine and cause a poor rinse cycle.

Overheated Motor

Overheating machinery is never a good sign. The motor generates power for the machine and is a primary factor that allows the washer to function correctly.

When the motor overheats, the washing machine will shut down. If you frequently have this issue, you may need a new motor installed.

You want a washing machine system you can trust. If you’re experiencing any complications, be sure to have a professional examine the issue and schedule a repair as soon as possible. Before you know it, your washing machine and routine will return to normal again.

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