5 Tips for Applying Car Wax in the Summertime

5 Tips for Applying Car Wax in the Summertime

Cars deserve special treatment every once in a while. Car wax is great for extending the paint job and gaining an immaculate finish. Use these tips for applying car wax in the summertime to have a protected vehicle that sparkles in the sunshine.

Eliminate Any Imperfections

Splattered bugs, scratches in the paint, and accumulated dirt will all get in the way of a flawless car wax application. Start by erasing any vehicular imperfections. A clean, polished, dry car is ready for the process ahead!

Pick the Right Type of Wax

Spray waxes will wear down the fastest. They’re incredibly easy to apply and remove whenever needed. They’re ideal when you need a quick fix or have a new car that already has a fresh paint job. The product is even compatible with plastic car components!

Paste wax typically uses natural materials like carnauba wax. It’ll take some strength and effort to apply due to the thickness of the product.

It’s important to note that paste wax can become contaminated over time. If you have a dark-colored car, you’re more prone to receiving swirl marks when using this type of car wax.

Liquid wax is also a bit of a challenge to apply, but it’ll provide immense benefits to your car. The gloss finish grants ample protection against rain, snow, and intensely hot or cold temperatures.

Apply Car Wax in the Evening

You get up early in the morning, ready to complete everything on your to-do list. Nevertheless, car wax is best when used at dusk.

High temperatures and intense sunlight can cause the wax to harden quickly. When the sun begins to set, the outside temperature decreases and ensures the wax is a thin liquid that’s easy to place onto the car. Any weather above 80 degrees Fahrenheit will most likely be a challenge.

Evening application will also allow the wax time to set overnight before direct sun exposure. The cool weather at night will result in a glowing paint job that’s ready to withstand the world in the morning.

Work Indoors When Possible

Not everyone has a spacious garage that’s perfect for vehicle improvements. Apply the car wax indoors if you have a covered area or garage available to you.

Placing the wax on the car outdoors increases the risk of environmental contamination creeping into the surface. Once the wax hardens, speckles of dust, pieces of grass, or bird droppings become stuck on the car. Finding an indoor area to lather on car wax is the best way to ensure a spotless finish.

Add Car Wax to the Windows

Cleaning the car windows isn’t all you can do to make them sparkle. They could also use a coat of car wax.

The application of car wax to the windows will make driving in the rain much easier because it transforms it into beads of water. As you drive, the water will disperse from the windshield, resulting in a clearer view. The windshield wipers won’t work as hard, and you can drive safely despite the weather.

Thoroughly clear off dirt and bugs from each window first. Use a microfiber cloth to evenly coat the wax onto the windows. It’s best to reapply the wax at least twice a year for uninterrupted strength and shine.

Car wax is a helpful way to extend the life of your car’s paint job. Follow along with these tips for applying car wax in the summertime. Take your time. Practice patience. Before you know it, you’ll have a glistening vehicle that’s ready to take on any environmental occurrence.

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