5 Ways That You Can Prevent Water Damage

5 Ways That You Can Prevent Water Damage

When your property experiences water damage, the effects can be catastrophic. You may have to pay high costs to repair or replace what it ruined. Fortunately, you can avoid these headaches by learning five ways that you can prevent water damage.

Detach Your Garden Hoses

One way to prevent water damage is by disconnecting your garden hoses from your house before winter. Any standing water in the hose can freeze into your pipe, stop the flow, or even cause your pipes to burst. This can hurt your home’s walls, floor, and foundation.

Avoid Blockage in Your Gutters

Another way that you can prevent water damage is by cleaning your gutters twice each year. When you prevent blockage and clear your downspouts so water can pass through, you will prevent water from pooling up and damaging your gutters, roof, or foundation.

Keep Your Trees and Bushes Away From Pipes

It might surprise you to learn that your landscaping can cause water damage, but it can. If you plant trees and bushes near utility pipes, they can grow their roots around the pipes and break them.

Try to plant them at least 20 feet away from the pipes and remove any that have grown too large. Although you may love how they look on your lawn, they can cause problems that will have you loving them less.

Address Leaks Immediately

You may feel the temptation to ignore a small leak when you find one, but instead, make repairs immediately. The leak can lead to your home developing unwanted mold or mildew, or even structural damage. The problem that seemed so small will instead become something quite bigger.

Avoid Damage to Items in Storage

Thanks to moisture, your possessions can also experience water damage even when you put them into storage. You can prevent moisture buildup on items in shrink wrap with the help of vents that you place onto the wrap. The vents will breathe for the wrap and eliminate moisture, so your items will not develop mildew or mold while stored away.

With these techniques, you can avoid water damage from wreaking havoc on your life. You’ll be able to prevent costly catastrophes and eliminate any stress you would have suffered.

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