A huge fire broke out in the office building of Telecom in China

A 200-meter telecom building in Changsha, China, collapsed in a massive fire on Friday afternoon. Horrific images of the fire, which showed dozens of stories of skyscrapers engulfed in flames, have caused quite a stir on the Internet. Videos shared on the internet of the massive fire that engulfed the 200-metre building showed huge black smoke billowing from the entire height of the building. The Telecom Building is located in the capital city of Southern Hunan Province. Read along to learn more about the fire.

What and why

According to state media reports, the situation was soon brought under control and the fire was extinguished. The Hunan Fire Department said there were no injuries so far. According to reports from Singapore CNA, based on preliminary investigation, the cause of the fire may be the fire of the 42-story outer tower.

The videos of the fire have been doing the rounds on Twitter and it has led to a lot of reactions and responses from Twitter haters. A video shared on Twitter shows people inside the building rushing to the exits in the early stages of the fire. An official statement from China Telecom confirmed that the fire was out and there were no casualties, “The fire that broke out at our No. 2 communication tower in Changsha at around 4:30pm today has been completely extinguished.” So far no damage has been done and communications have not been interrupted.

Let’s take a look at a couple of reactions and responses on Twitter.

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