A local business owner donated life jackets to Emerson River Park

Several recent drownings have prompted a local business owner to take action to save lives. Deo Oliver, owner of Quick Kill Pest Services, is donating 12 life jackets to anyone at Amerson River Park. On Wednesday, Oliver brought life jackets to the Jay Hall Memorial Canoe Launch in Amerson and gave them to Parks and Beauties Director Michael Gleason.

“I love the river, and I want everyone to enjoy it safely,” Oliver said. “I knew I had to do something. My belief in life is that if you see a need and you can meet that need, you have an obligation to fulfill it. We must help each other.

“We’re grateful that a member of our community stepped up to help,” Gleason said. “The river can take people very seriously, and unfortunately, the river took a turn for the worse for some people. These life jackets help save lives.

The 12 jackets are located at three access points in the river, including the canoe launch, canoe launch and overlook by stone steps, and Gleason hopes people will only use the jackets — but put them back to keep others safe.

“If you’re going to go out on the river, I want to encourage everyone to use them, and put them back on when you go out,” Gleason says. “We also want to remind everyone that life jackets are required by law for people on the river. We want people to enjoy this park and the river, but follow the rules – don’t drink alcohol, clean up your trash, and be good stewards of this beautiful place we all share and love.”

Amerson River Park is open 7:00am – 8:00pm, and the hours change as it gets dark earlier in the fall.

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