Advantages of a Three-Phase Power System

Advantages of a Three-Phase Power System

Three-phase power distribution systems are relatively common in businesses and other industries that require a lot of electricity for power or equipment. Many residential areas can benefit from these systems but typically use a single-phase system over a three-phase option. If you run a business or enterprise and want to learn some of the advantages of a three-phase power system, Medium Wire is here to help you.

Increased Power-to-Weight Ratio

A three-phase system sounds like it would take up more space. But much of the equipment for these systems, like generators, motors, and other similar devices, are typically smaller and more lightweight than those found in a single-phase system. The increased power-to-weight ratio means that the three-phase distribution system creates more energy running through smaller, generally more lightweight equipment.

Reduce Potential Outages

One of the advantages of a three-phase power system is that a single-phase system uses a single cable to complete a circuit with the neutral line. If anything happens to that single cable, like a short or disconnection, it results in a power outage.

With a three-phase system, small interruptions to one of the three cables running through it may cause dimming lights or some mild slowdown, but you’re less likely to lose power completely. A more stable electrical connection makes three-phase systems a popular option in hospitals or laboratories where a power outage may cause massive problems.

Energy Efficient

Because a three-phase power system has the same voltage as a single-phase system but is split between the three cables, they operate more smoothly and consistently. This streamlined process allows your system to use less power to produce the same amount of energy or more.

Investing in a three-phase system for heavy equipment lowers your power bills and puts less strain on your heavy equipment. If you live or work in an environment with heavier equipment, it’s a smart idea to speak with a licensed technician and set up a three-phase electrical system.

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