Aesthetic filters that distort reality, and the rise of American mining


The Bold Glamor beauty filter on TikTok has been used more than 16 million times since its release last month. It sculpts your cheekbones and jawline with a sharp yet subtle contour. Plus, it lifts your brows, adds shine to your lashes, and gives you thicker, longer, darker lashes.

Do you think this is not useful for you? Think again. The most amazing thing about this filter is how it works: the results are extremely realistic. It’s just the latest example of how it’s getting harder and harder to tell the real from the fake. Read the full story.

– Tat Ryan-Mosley

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America’s mining industries are booming. This is the reason.

A recently-enacted set of U.S. laws has kicked off proposals for new mining operations, mining facilities and battery factories, laying the groundwork for domestic supply chains that support the rapid growth of electric vehicles and other clean technologies.

But some experts worry that the law’s requirements are too strict and could have the unintended effect of delaying the transition to cleaner technologies.

Energy Department Deputy Secretary David Turk spoke with MIT Technology Review about what America’s mining renaissance means, why it’s important to build a supply chain, and how the Biden administration is trying to strike the right balance on the issue of utilities. Read the full story.

– James Temple


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