AI’s rise to the top seems unimpeded by the SVB mess


Good morning, exchange Workers! This episode will be short because I have to wrap up today’s TechCrunch Live event with Ariana Huffington of Thrive Global and Mamoun Hamid with Kleiner Perkins. Since we have scheduled the discussion, a a few Things have happened, so I need to rearrange my notes and questions.

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The tech-narrative streak is really what I want to talk about this morning. Now that the initial shock waves of the Silicon Valley banking crisis seem to have calmed down, tech news is back to typing. If you read TechCrunch today, you’ll see food delivery startups, chip news, funding rounds, and more a lot AI news. Return to industry optimism, even if the ground beneath the positive vibes is still a bit shaky.

But the AI ​​bit completely captivated me. Every time I read about the recent developments in the AI ​​world, it seems that the tools that consumers and tech people are playing with aren’t just sitting on a little substance, but some gimmick that is a lot of substance.

That said, consumer-popular things such as using ChatGPT to power the narrative for your next Crusader run or similar tools to write silly song lyrics aren’t groundbreaking. Beneath the consumer-friendly stuff is the real deal.

Too much going on at once. From the recent release of the massive language model GPT-4 to the popularity and new AI-powered search tools to companies like Quora and Duolingo looking for ways to use the technology, we’re seeing both rapid and rapid growth in AI technology. Business.


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