An Albany business owner is pushing for speed bumps downtown.

Albany, Ga. (Walb) – A downtown business is asking drivers to slow down. The store owner argues for speed bumps or more signage.

WALB’s Molly Godley What it takes to put those precautions in place is explored.

Kawambe Dorsey, a downtown business owner, said people noticed they were speeding especially in the afternoon, which was especially dangerous for children.

“After 5 p.m., we’ve noticed that when people get off work, people go to the corner a little bit faster and that’s become a concern,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey is one of the owners of the showroom, which is located on Front Street in downtown along with several parks, the Flint River Aquarium and other family-friendly businesses. Dorsey said she’s seen some close calls.

all the time
all the time

“One time I saw someone getting ready to cross the street, but they looked to the left and there was a car speeding by, so the mother had to pull her child back,” Dorsey said.

Some of the options Dorsey thinks are useful are speeding signs and monitoring to help people slow down.

The City of Albany Traffic and Engineering Department said residents should send a letter to the Engineering Department at 240 Pine Avenue, Suite 200, Albany, GA 31701 to receive a speed bump.

The department then uses radar to see how fast vehicles are traveling during a speed study. This will take 7 days.

If the results show that most drivers are speeding, the person who sent the letter will need to collect signatures from other property owners to go forward with speeding violations.

The Department of Traffic and Engineering said they use signs in the median crosswalk to warn drivers of the crosswalk in Dorsey’s area. He added that the curved design on the front street is designed to slow down traffic.

He said he will review other options as new traffic congestion measures are being considered.

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