Areas and Items in Your Parking Garage To Inspect Regularly

Areas and Items in Your Parking Garage To Inspect Regularly

Conducting inspections is an important part of your parking facility’s maintenance. Whether you have a single-story garage or a multilevel facility, regular inspections are crucial to keeping your parking facility running smoothly. Here are some areas and items in your parking garage that you should add to your routine inspection list.

Your Facility’s Lights

Proper lighting is crucial in parking garages to help your patrons find their way back to their vehicles. Your parking garage’s lighting fixtures are also key to maintaining safety and security. When lights go out, it can create shadowed areas of your garage that are more difficult to record on camera. Always inspect your light fixtures and replace your bulbs regularly. Upgrading to LED bulbs can help extend the life of your light fixtures and means longer periods in between replacing burned-out bulbs.

Parking Garage Signage

You should also regularly inspect your parking garage’s signage for signs of wear and readability. Ensuring your signage is readable is crucial to the smooth operation of your parking facility. One of the reasons why signage is so important in parking garages is to promote a safe and steady traffic flow by helping drivers find their way. Without readable directional signage, your patrons could get lost, cause accidents, and experience other issues.

Vehicle Access Ramps

If your parking facility features multiple levels of vehicle storage, your building will have ramps built into it to help customers navigate each level in their vehicles. These ramps are another important spot on your inspection checklist for your parking garage. Make sure that your ramps don’t experience cracks, potholes, or dips that could impact your patrons’ driving. If you notice cracks or dips, contact your local construction company or concrete repair service, depending on the style of your building.

Mechanical Vehicle Lifts

If your business uses mechanical lifts for vehicle storage, these are one of your critical inspection points. You should schedule professional inspections of your vehicle lifting equipment at least once per year. However, it’s also important to conduct your own personal inspections to check your lifting equipment for loose parts or malfunctions. The higher your vehicle traffic, the more often you should inspect your lifts.

Don’t ignore these key inspection items and areas in your parking facility. Whether you schedule professional inspections or conduct personal ones, keeping an eye on these elements can help your facility stay successful and secure.

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