Atlas Navi wants to help you navigate through traffic

With major insurers like State Farm offering safe driver discounts to those who choose to share their dashcam data, the idea of ​​monetizing and rewarding vehicle safety is already proven.

However, insurers may only offer lower premiums as a form of payment; Atlas Navi It wants to take things a step further and is paying people to share road and traffic conditions to help disrupt the world of navigation apps. Not only does this mean that Atlas Navi will pay you for the AI-enhanced dashcam footage you choose to share with them, but it also means that you can essentially make money by sitting in traffic.

Because of this, it is not surprising why AtlasNavi’s flagship navigation application was downloaded 75,000 times in July – 65,000 drivers registered for the new service. Even more impressive is the CEO. George Gramma He told a panel of journalists and founders at the Espacio Media Connect event that he only told 60 people about the app and the buzz spread like wildfire.

So how does it work? How did Grama get a 124,900% increase in users before the app launched?

The way the app works leverages existing technologies to create a completely new browsing experience. Atlas Navi uses smartphone cameras to analyze road conditions 25 times per second and alerts other drivers when road conditions change. With this method, Atlas Navi collects over a hundred times more data points per mile than competing applications, which can be used to identify and map events such as traffic accidents, police vehicles and available on-street parking in real-time. Users may choose to share this data and receive rewards for their participation.

“Nothing new has happened in the transportation application space at least in the last eight years,” Grama said in a recent press release. “By rewarding drivers for sharing their experiences on the road and recording them on their dash cams or smartphones, we hope to make the world’s roads safer by helping commuters save hundreds of thousands of commuting hours each year.”

The way Gram intends to accomplish these two pretty significant tasks all comes down to the app’s activity-generated $MILE tokens. Users earn $MILEs for every mile they drive – and these tokens can then be redeemed for $NAVI cryptocurrency. $NAVI, like any other crypto, can be used to buy NFTs and other major features through an exchange like Binance or a proprietary 3D vehicle. With this exciting combination of machine learning, computer vision, blockchain technology and crowdsourced insights, Atlas Navi is well positioned to disrupt the navigation app industry.

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