Avoid Buying These Things on Saturday as Per Best Astrologer

Astrologer- Every individual has certain beliefs and faiths and performs things in life accordingly. Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev, and some specific things should not be done on this day. Also, certain items should not be purchased on this day. However, if you wonder what those things are, then connecting with the Best Astrologer in India is valuable and useful. However, we also provide here the list of certain things that are to be avoided to be bought on Saturday. 


Things That Should Not Be Purchased on Saturday


Now, without delay, let us enumerate here some things that one should avoid buying on Saturday to avoid misfortune and bring good luck to life. The reason being below-mentioned things should not be purchased on Saturday is that the donation of some of these items is considered auspicious on this day. Please read below to learn about them:


  • Iron: Buying iron or iron things on Saturday is not considered good and may bring misfortune. It worsens the relationships among family members. It also displeases Shani Dev, which will eradicate good fortune from life. However, donating iron and iron utensils on Saturday leads to good luck and helps overcome obstacles and struggles. 


  • Oil: It is considered that any oil, specifically mustard oil, should not be brought and bought in the house on Saturday. It is believed to be highly inauspicious and brings illness and sickness to the individuals’ life. However, donating mustard oil or meals cooked out of mustard oil to the impoverished helps bring good fortune and make the individuals feel good. In addition, one of the top ten astrologers in Delhi believes that there is a solution to every problem, and Mani (Gems), Mantra (chanting terms), and Aushahi (Medicine) works. Therefore, consulting a doctor along with an astrological consultation is also necessary in case of any health condition.


  • Broom: The broom helps clean the house and brings positive energy. On Saturday, as per the famous astrologer, the broom should not be purchased as it will lead to financial instability and bad financial health. It means it will cause damage to the wealth of the house. It is also suggested not to purchase it on Tuesday also.


  • Black Sesame Seeds: Buying black sesame seeds is considered highly inauspicious on Saturday as it will lead to bad luck. The important deals may get canceled, and there will be a delay in completing the significant tasks. These seeds are utilized in performing the Puja and various rituals, and donating them when the Shani Dasha is running is highly promising. 


  • Leather Products: Various leather products like dark shoes, belts, and purses should not be purchased on Saturday. It is believed that buying these things leads to failures and proves to be an obstruction to success. Also, black shoes should not be worn on Saturday as it may lead to failures and hinders growth.


Things To Be Donated on Saturday 


In this section, let us count the things that should be donated and should not be definitely purchased on Saturday below:


  • Mustard Oil
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Clothes
  • Iron Utensils
  • Black Blanket  
  • Black Umbrella
  • Black Urad Daal 
  • Black Sesame Seeds 
  • Seven Types of Grains 


The objective of this post is to detail the things that should not be purchased on Saturday. Also, we have listed the things to be donated on Saturday to bring good luck and remove all the obstacles and hurdles from life. Dr. Anima Bhattacharya, with her deep experience of more than twenty years, has been recognized as the Genuine Astrologer in Delhi. She has bagged various awards and accolades, such as the Leading Astrologer in Asia. She provides transparent and accurate predictions based on the horoscope reading and analysis. Please feel free to contact her for guidance and remedies to solve various life concerns and problems. 




According to the Best Astrologer in Delhi, various things should be avoided to be purchased on Saturday to bring good luck and fortune. Get the information here. 


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