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BROOKFIELD – City officials are preparing to demolish the former John Schuster Steakhouse building on Brookfield Avenue in Massoury.

Code Enforcement Officer Pete Ross told city managers at Monday’s meeting that the building will be demolished by mid-September.

Trustee Chairman Dan Suttles said the Trumbull County Land Bank owns the property. He also said asbestos was found in the building and must be addressed before proceeding with the demolition process. The cost of asbestos remediation is $100,000 and will be funded by the land bank and county commissioners’ American Rescue Plan.

The Suttles said the property has been vacant for years.

In recent years, the township has received grants from the Trumbull County Council to cover demolition costs, including the Gray Wolf Tavern. Suttles said this project is through the Land Bank.

In other business, trustees approved quotes to install front and side parking lot lights for the building to improve security at the City Hall. Suttles said officials want to add to the existing lighting to make the area brighter. He said there were a few lights that didn’t work.

Suttles said Police Chief Dan Faustino will seek quotes and apply for funding for the project.

Trustees also approved the sale of two small city-owned parcels, one on Davis Street and the other on Sime Street. Suttles said the bids are being sought and will be opened on September 23 at 4 p.m.

Suttles said there are deed restrictions on the property, such as some manufacturing and vehicle storage. Suttles said trustees want to make sure the properties don’t turn into eyesores.

Also at the meeting, trustees heard from a representative from Brookfield Schools about high school students interested in doing community volunteer projects in town.

In past years, Suttles has helped students rake leaves and remove snow. He said that the city administration and school officials will evaluate various project ideas.

Trustees are looking at three projects that will use America’s Rescue Plan funds. Suttles said projects planned by the ARP include refurbishing playground equipment and making $45,000 in improvements to the park. Railings and other work on gazebo at Central Green for $10,000; and $7,000 for landscaping and landscaping on the central green.

In another function, trustees:

• Scheduled a special public comment meeting at the park for September 14 at 6:00 p.m.;

• Prime Electric for $3,094 to repair electrical at the firehouse substation off Addison Road;

• Replacement of LED parking light approved by police station.

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