Cindy Adams feeds in fashion, busy day with Gov. Kathy Hochul


Fashionable, like the government

Filling the entire armory of Park Avenue, the Coach fashion show blocked traffic to Riverdale. Out of a back door and behind an Avid Waste System sign on a truck stepped Governor Hochul — cute, smiling, black bag, red heels, no socks. I was her Plus One.

Coach executive: “New York is coming back.” Hochul: “New York is the center of fashion” then, “Meet my sister Sheila.” Katie is a beautiful brunette. Sheila is a stunning blonde. “One of us follows our mother, the other our father.” (Or hairdresser.)

Government: “I’ve already started early. Working to combat anti-Semitism, I started this morning at the Jerusalem Post. Then at a meeting of the National Urban League on a project in Harlem.” It was 2:00 p.m. “I learn things quickly. I like to learn, to give information. I can take in a lot in a 20-minute ride.”

When I was worried about her heels walking up steep stairs, she said, “One time in the Adirondacks I tried skiing. It never did before. I fell hard and broke my ribs and leg. I am fine. I can handle it.”

To quote a friend from Killarney: “Nothing beats a tough broad Irishman.”

Spielberg’s Family Planning

Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans, loosely based on his life, is eye-catching. Paul Dano plays his dad. Michelle Williams his mother.

Spielberg: “I’ve put pieces of my personal life into everything I’ve done. Everything I run. But I have never told someone so close to my experiences. This was my intended coming of age story.

Steven Spielberg's new movie
Steven Spielberg’s new film The Fabelmans is loosely based on his life.
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

“Only the names were changed to protect the innocent. Nothing harder than throwing your family away. Michelle represented my experiences with my mother.”

It opens Thanksgiving. Also starring Seth Rogen and Judd Hirsch.

Veep not VIP

Kamala – first woman, first minority VP – what if she runs for president. The answer from a table of Dem pros: “No worries. We will put it in a debate. She will get 3%.”

We never forget

November 2001. Excerpts from Putin’s ABC-TV interview with Barbara Walters about 9/11:

“Mixed feelings of guilt for this tragedy. In ’99 we were victims of a terrorist attack and explosion of buildings in Moscow. Hundreds of innocent people died. . . It was understood that Russia should be a strategic ally of the entire civilized community including of course the United States. . . If we want to be protected, we must be together.

“September. 11 opened our eyes to that.”

We fight with neighbors, argue with employees, dislike our landlord, reject our politicians, disagree with minorities, yell at family and march for peace.

Not just in New York, baby, not just in New York.


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