Common Tooth-Staining Foods and Drinks To Avoid

Common Tooth-Staining Foods and Drinks To Avoid

Are you interested in enhancing the shine and quality of your smile without breaking the bank? Here are some common tooth-staining foods and drinks you should avoid to protect your teeth!

Processed Food Products

Processed food products are any food items altered from their natural state. This includes cutting, washing, canning, freezing, and packaging. Furthermore, food items with sugar, salt, or oil additives are also processed. But what about processed foods makes them notorious teeth stainers?

Nearly all unnaturally colored food products contain a high amount of chromogens, which are chemical compounds that can easily penetrate the enamel and leave behind soil marks. Tannin is another substance found in processed items that weakens tooth enamel and causes discoloration. Instead of consuming these processed products, consider shopping for organic and natural alternatives with no chemical additives.

Tea and Coffee

Brewed beverages like tea and coffee contain high levels of tannins, especially black tea and dark brew coffees. In fact, certain black teas contain significantly more tannins than most sodas, juices, and even red wine! While one or two cups of brew in the morning won’t have catastrophic impacts on your smile’s quality, it’s important to rinse your mouth after drinking tea and coffee to remove the excess tannins. Otherwise, they’ll build up, exasperating tooth discoloration throughout your mouth.

Gummy Candies and Dark Chocolate

Sweets are, unfortunately, perhaps the most tooth-staining food product you can eat. Gummy candies, specifically, often include unnatural ingredients, like dyes, that easily stick to tooth enamel. Worse, this sticky residue is difficult to rinse away without the help of a brush and toothpaste! Furthermore, the high levels of sugar found in most gummies can physically harm the well-being of your teeth. Dark chocolates are also tooth stainers thanks to their high amounts of acidic polyphenols.

Fruit-Based Juices

Acidic beverages are detrimental to the well-being of your teeth! Fruit-based juices carry far more acidic and sugary ingredients than tea, coffee, and even some sodas. Plus, excess sugar is a favorite snack for bacteria, leading to tooth decay and cavities. Overall, it’s much better to drink water than a glass of sugary OJ.

Avoid these common tooth-staining foods and drinks to ensure a happier and healthier smile! Additionally, consider one of many popular tooth whitening methods to combat the effects of discoloration.

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