Companies are overwhelmed with technological solutions

92% of executives report challenges in finding new technology solutions, highlighting the complexities that go into the decision-making process, according to GlobalDots.

Additionally, 34% of respondents admit that the sheer number of options is a challenge when deciding on the right solutions, and 33% admit that the time required to conduct research is another challenge to the decision.

Organizations of all types depend on technology more than ever. Rapid continuous adoption is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to stay afloat in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital landscape. In this environment, IT and security leaders are under increasing pressure to demonstrate ROIs from their technology investments while balancing operational excellence with business innovation.

Due to current market realities, IT teams are short-staffed and suffer from a lack of time and expertise, making navigating these challenges even more difficult.

The report examines how organizations go about obtaining support for their purchasing decisions. Conferences, exhibitions and online events served as companies’ top source of information for making purchasing decisions at 52 percent.

Third-party solutions, such as value-added vendors and consultants, ranked second at 48 percent.

54% are using third parties to purchase, implement or support their solutions, highlighting the value of having specialists in various IT fields with deep knowledge of each solution.

Respondents were recruited by a global B2B research panel, with 66% from the EU, 24% from the UK and 10% from the US. 32% of respondents are from the software and gaming industries, while the rest are from various industries including healthcare, telecom and banking.

“With innovation a fundamental part of today’s business culture, our report identifies and details the most pressing technology issues facing businesses today,” said Globaldots CEO Yuval Rachlin.

“We live in an age of abundance when it comes to technology solutions for organizations, which makes researching and purchasing the right solutions for your organization extremely challenging,” concludes Rachlin.

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