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Small handbags be damned – this season is all about bold bags that are big enough to last you a lifetime. many mixed feelings about the trend. But if there was any brand that could sway my handbag allegiance, I knew it would be Cuyana – the luxury and ethical brand behind some of the most polished pieces in fashion today.

Really: I’ve had my eye on Cuyana’s chic offerings for a while now (thanks Meghan Markle for that!). So naturally, when I heard that Cuyana was planning to make a big change to her handbag and stock, my interest was immediately piqued. After all, this was the same brand loved (and religiously worn) by royalty and celebrities – including Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie, among many others. Any revamp of the collection will have to rival some of the designer’s cult favorite styles, such as classic structured leather booties (now defunct), all while still staying true to Cuyana’s reputation for timeless elegance.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to take Cuyana’s newest style of bag, the Easy Tote, for a test drive before the product debuted. I’ll admit it: even as a fan of the brand, I was wary of whether the style could live up to the hype of the luxury designer’s other, more mainstream bags. But so far, Cuyana’s new Easy Tote has managed to do the impossible—make a big believer out of even the staunchest mini-bag loyalist in myself. The bag (which is now available to shop today!) has been my biggest accessory companion for the past few weeks – and I think it will continue to be my go-to for fall. Read on for my honest review of Cuyana’s new Easy Tote style.

What I love about the Cuyana Easy Tote

Even with the first wear, you can tell that the floor is built to last – a theme that is consistent with most of Cuyana’s entire product inventory. The bag is crafted from a lightweight, pebbled Italian leather designed to go with any outfit – making it a stylish and comfortable style that’s a perfect long-distance accessory.

The Earth is also incredibly light—so much so that Cuyana has marketed it as the brand’s “lightest bag ever.” As someone who has had some time to take the product for a spin, I can confirm: it really lives up to the airy buzz. I’m known for carrying a lot of things with me wherever I go – be it the gym, the airport, the office and beyond, I always have a lot of essentials for my life. As a result, I’ve historically had to rely on bulky, heavy, and ill-fitting luggage to keep all my carry-ons organized. But thanks to Cuyana’s Easy Tote, I get the space of a deep, chunky stroller, all without any added hassle or weight. I suspect this is partly due to the luggage’s minimal design (another bonus, IMO), which avoids cliche bag buffers like synthetic lining or heavy hardware.

More than anything, I just love the timeless elegance of Cuyana’s Easy Tote. The relaxed style boasts more of a cool, breathable feel that’s simple, elegant and, best of all, subtle. Casual bags and purses may be popular these days, but like most trends, it’s hard to predict whether they’ll remain relevant next season. With the Cuyana Easy Tote’s muted design, I have no doubt that the bag will be a sophisticated and polished staple in my closet for years to come.

What is worth mentioning

The Toka features a dual bag design, which aims to create a more streamlined look, allowing users to easily switch between carrying the bag by hand or over the shoulder. Initially, I was concerned that the shorter straps might look clunky or even feel suffocating on my arm when I decided to carry the bag over my shoulder. Fortunately, the straps are flexible and can easily be tucked into the trunk when needed, all without causing damage or wrinkles. While I wasn’t immediately sold in the belt model, I can see the appeal – especially since it’s like getting two bags in one.

Another thing to note is the minimum storage partitions. The tote features a single, large wall-hung pocket on the inside that’s the perfect size to hold your phone, card holder or lipstick or any other valuables you might need close at hand. Personally, I don’t mind that the bag only has one storage pocket – when it comes to bags, the simpler the design, the better! That being said, if you’re someone who relies on having more structure or organized spaces in your bag, it’s certainly something to be aware of.

Who is the Cuyana Light Box best for?

Some people mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives with a fresh hairstyle or other increased investment. Others celebrate by buying a new Cuyana bag. I, like many other fans of the luxury brand, prefer the latter – so I’d say this Cuyana outfit is perfect for anyone looking for a timeless bag that can be taken anywhere and worn in any season.

The deep style boasts plenty of interior space that’s capable of holding everything from a school binder and work laptop to a water bottle, reusable wallet or card holder, travel beauty bag, sunglasses and more (even all at once!) .

Whether you’re a graduate looking for a stylish bag for school, a working woman who needs a practical bag to carry to and from the office, or just someone hoping to add a more relaxed style to your wardrobe, Easy Tote includes the ideal go-anywhere bag that will help you feel sleek and supported in every season.

Where is this Cuyana Tote available?

The Cuyana Easy Tote is now available to buy exclusively at Cuyana ($248).

additional details

  • Cuyana’s new Easy Tote is available for purchase in two styles: a classic, horizontal Easy Tote and a long Easy Tote ($248).
  • The Easy Tote comes in eight different colors, including hood (my bag of choice), caramel, black, and stone. The style is also available in a handful of fresh, seasonal colors that include daffodil yellow, indigo and ecru.
  • This particular style is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), which states that the bag’s leather is tanned in an environmentally responsible manner.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kyley Warren

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