Cycle is a new product management hub that centralizes all customer feedback.

Meet Me, a French startup building a collaboration tool for product managers to collect data from different devices, work on the next product iterations, and close the feedback loop with engaged customers.

The company has raised a total of $6 million in two funding rounds, including the latest funding round led by Boldstart, which closed late last year. The startup is backed by eFounders, a European startup studio specializing in SaaS products. Base Case, a 20VC fund, SV Angel, BoxGroup, Hummingbird Ventures and 60 Angels have invested in the company – a long list of investors*.

Like many software-as-a-service products, Cycle initially acts as a single source of truth. Many product teams rely on products like Confluence, Notion or Google Docs. But they should check GitHub issues, intercom messages, and more.

What we’re trying to solve is an issue that every product manager faces. Product information is scattered across many different products,” Mehdi Budukuhan, founder and CEO of Cycle, told me. “As your company scales, you get feedback from users, the sales team, the customer success team, and the marketing team.”

And yet, in most cases, product management becomes a black box. Other teams in the company don’t know exactly when something will be shipped or—worse—if their feedback will affect it one way or another.

Cycle has built integrations with popular startup products like HubSpot, Intercom, and Slack. Once everything is in the loop, product teams can organize feedback so that everything related to a feature comes together.

Product managers use Cycles to support coding their product requirements documents with a rich-text editor. It’s a collaborative editor with the ability to refer your teammates.

“Designers create visuals, developers create code and product managers create documentation,” Boudoukhane said. The idea is that product managers spend most of their day in the cycle – on average, product managers who use cycles spend 3 hours a day in the product. And product managers don’t have to manually export their documents to other tools because Cycle offers integrations with Linear, GitHub or Notion.

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The worst thing that can happen when you read feedback from customers who decide to cancel their contract with you is that they say there is a missing feature in your product even though the feature is there. They just don’t know about it.

So when something is finally shipped, Cycle helps you close the loop with your customers and colleagues. For example, the sales team receives a notification in HubSpot. “Sales teams can now reach customers who have talked about the delivered feature,” Boudoukhan said.

Having a clear line of communication with your customers is a great way to prevent clutter and keep your customers engaged with your product. Some companies like Boudoukhane like Capitaine Train or Superhuman have been great on this front.

Cycle competes with Productboard or Jira. But with its lightweight and collaborative approach, Cycle Everyone hopes that everyone in the company can provide feedback and contribute to the product in one way or another, making it easier to build a product-driven company.

* Some of the individuals who have invested in the cycle include Scott Belsky (Founder at Behance), Shreyas Doshi (Former Product Lead at Stripe), Kelton Lin (Director of Product Management at Google), Youssef S-Scuri (Head of Product at Dropbox), Omar Pera (Product Lead at Meta). , David Hong (VP Design at Webflow), Jonathan Widowski (CEO), Mark Pundsak (former VP Product at GitLab), Antoine Martin (Founder at Zenly), Marie Gasse (former VP Development at Confluent), Mary Nelson (CCO at Erkel), Olivia Teich (former Product Director at Dropbox), David Apple (Head of Sales and Customer Success at Advertising), Eric Whitman (former CRO at Figma), Shriram Krishnan (former Head of Development at Tinder), Jeremy Le Van (Founder at Sunrise) , Brad Menezes (former Product Director at Datadog), Guy Podjarny (Founder at Snick), Nick Candito (Co-Founder at Flatfile), Romain David (Former Product Manager at Uber) and Kyle Parrish (VP Sales at Figma). I told you it was a long list.

Image Credits: Cycle

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