Daily Crunch: Citizen Lab says Apple’s ‘Lockdown Mode’ helped hacking group NSO shut down spyware attack.


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Happy Tuesday Crunch, our cranky friends. So glad to see you again.

yesterday, I wondered if Haje was AI, so he clearly needed a holiday. Shall we celebrate technology news together today?

Christine And came

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • You are blocked: Sometimes technology does what it’s supposed to do. In Apple’s case, spyware vulnerability researchers say Lockdown Mode has hampered the progress of popular hacking service provider NSO Group. Lorenzo It has more. as well as, Apple opened its first retail store in IndiaBut… there are challenges, Manish He wrote.
  • Don’t forget your boarding passAlaska Airlines is eliminating check-in kiosks for a more modern look around the gate. Flyers can print boarding passes at home or check in using their smartphones; Frederick Reports.
  • Truth seekerElon Musk wants to develop his own chatbot called TruthGPT, which he describes as “super truth-seeking AI.” Reports Ivan.

Startups and VCs

Mansa, a free ad-supported streaming service and content aggregator that offers a curated selection of black cultural content, came out of hiding today. Lauren Reports. Mansa offers a wide variety of contentfrom on-demand titles and digital linear (fast) channels to short-form videos and user-generated content.

And we’ve got another delicious breakfast treat:


SaaS Retention Metrics: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

SaaS companies are leaky boats. If retention rates are not strong enough to overcome customer churn, they will take water until they sink.

Sid Jain, senior analyst at ChartMogul, conducted a survey of 2,100 companies and found that “more than half of SaaS businesses have lower sustainability in 2022 compared to 2021.”

In this checklist, he compares net income retention rates by ARR range and identifies benchmarks for companies that are underperforming product-market.

“What’s considered good net retention varies depending on the level of your business,” advises Jane. “Always consider the scale of your business when benchmarking.”

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Three more from the TC+ team:

Big Tech Inc.

You have love DarrellThe topic of today’s post,Goodbye to the middle of the fatAt first glance, it may give you credit for getting rid of soft belly fat, but in reality, Darrell is commenting on Adobe’s new AI-powered features and what this means for humanity, namely, “What is the most dangerous threat to extinction in the future.” In these Adobe renderings, multimedia editing work is effectively in the middle of the bell curve.

Some TV platforms and shows are quieter than others, but Prime Video customers who need a little more volume to hear conversations are now upgraded. Sarah He reported that if you You can’t watch TV without subtitlesPrime Video has a new feature that makes chatting easier.

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