Daily Crunch: Japanese marketing technology company Genie buys Zelton for $70M

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TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • All roads lead to purchase: Manish Japanese Genie adpushup-operator Zelto wrote after buying it for $70 million. He called the deal a “remarkable turnaround” for Zelto, a company that has seen a few near misses in its 10-year life, including cash flow and product-market fit problems.
  • Sweet (South) Carolina, bup, bup, bupVW-backed Scout Motors plans to build a $2 billion plant in South Carolina to produce all-electric vehicles. Tim Stevens It has more.
  • He was fined.: Manish In addition, India’s central bank has fined Amazon’s payments department more than $370,000, writing that the company was not complying with certain Aware of Your Customer guidelines.

Startups and VCs

While most established automotive players call the shots from their sprawling, corporate palaces, Scout is basing most of its operations — at least for now — from WeWork, near Washington, DC. Tim Stevens Reports. Scout Motors’ base of operations will eventually be “anchored” by the $2 billion plant in South Carolina announced Friday, and the company plans to bring rugged, retro cred to the EV era.

And we have five more for you:

To fix the climate, these 10 investors play the house on the ocean

Image Credits: Liang Wendong/VCG (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

In the year It has led to disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, which released nearly 5 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Today, wind power and wave action are two technologies that investors are taking a closer look at. Tim de Chant reports on Ocean Conservation Technology. To learn more about the opportunities they’re pursuing and how climate change could shape their investing, he surveyed:

  • Daniela V. Fernandez, Managing Partner at Seabird Ventures, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance
  • Tim Agnew, General Partner, Bold Ocean Ventures
  • Peter Bryant, Program Director (Oceans), Builders Initiative
  • Kate Danaher, Managing Director (Oceans and Seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Francis O’Sullivan, Managing Director (Oceans & Seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Stefan Feilhauer, Managing Director (Clean Energy), S2G Ventures
  • Sanjeev Krishnan, Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, S2G Ventures
  • Rita Sosa, Partner, Faber Ventures
  • Christian Lim, Managing Director, SWEN Blue Ocean Partners
  • Reece Pacheco, Partner, Propeller

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Big Tech Inc.

It was only a matter of time before another company tried to emulate where Instacart was going. Today it’s Uber. Rebecca Uber is making some improvements to Instacart’s upcoming year-old Shop & Pay feature, allowing delivery workers to choose to make grocery or other retail purchases for customers before dropping off the order at the customer’s door. “Basically, it’s Uber’s attempt to follow the Instacart model that’s working well for an existing grocery delivery company,” she reports.

In the year Embark Trucks, the independent trucking company that is set to go public in 2021, is now laying off about 230 employees and scrutinizing its self-driving trucking assets. Kirsten Reports.

And now here’s six more for you Friday:

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