Daily Crunch: Pentagon Locks Unsecured Email Server That Exposed Secret Military Information


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hello! If President’s Day was a day off, we hope today was a smooth transition to work. Please send good vibes. came As he figures out what to do with his damaged car (it’s a long story). In the meantime, here’s where today’s Black History Month recommendation comes from. Henry On “Blues Heritage and Black Feminism” by Angela Davis. Let’s dig into it – Christine

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • What happens if something is unsafe?Well, unfortunately for the US Department of Defense, this meant the release of sensitive military emails. Zach Reports.
  • “That’s not the moon – that’s a space station.”: Vast makes the first purchase of a launcher in its move toward building artificial gravity stations in low Earth orbit. Arya It has more.
  • Success begets an IPO: Shared vehicle company Lime reported its first profitable year, with Rebecca “Lim has determined how to make the joint micromobile a sustainable business,” he writes. So what happens when you’re good at what you do? The company is now looking at an initial public offering.

Startups and VCs

FreshToHome, the Indian meat startup after the country’s food delivery market, has a new backer in Amazon, which has raised $104 million in funding. Manish This investment marks the biggest check ever written by Amazon’s Smbhav Venture Fund. Meanwhile, FreshToHome has made a name for itself by expanding its presence by 100% in the past year.

Now here are five more:

5 ways to get a paying customer in less time

3D magnet and chrome balls

Image Credits: Akinbostansi (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

As economic conditions change, companies adjust their marketing strategies: Spam volumes dropped significantly when the pandemic began. After vaccines were released, mailboxes were once again full of irrelevant offers.

Paid marketing is a dominant strategy for early-stage startups, but this fall is a good time for founders to reexamine their customer acquisition strategies, says Brian Rothenberg, an investment partner at early-stage VC fund Defy.

“Capital is more expensive now than it has been in years,” he wrote on TC+. “Where else can you invest to generate higher returns and build a more sustainable competitive advantage?”

Two more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

Today was a “game” for hackers. First, some hackers stole Activision games and employee data; Lorenzo Reports. The company said the breach occurred in December and was confirmed by a gaming blog. Stay tuned for more information. Also, Coinbase is saying that the same hackers that have targeted hundreds of other companies, the so-called 0ktapus hackers, have stolen some of their employees’ information. Carly He wrote.

In an ongoing discussion on how ChatGPT is taking over the world, Mark Harris Sam Altman’s AI weaves a web of charity that accelerates vision.

And we have five more for you:


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