Daily Crunch: Proton Releases End-to-End Encrypted Password Manager for Desktop and Mobile


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Hello, and happy Thursday. Just one more day to go in the work week. came He’s been taking amazing photos of the activities going on at TechCrunch Early Stage in Boston today, so I’m holding down the fort. And I’m also mourning my blue Twitter icon that left me today. Enough about that. Let’s continue the news! – Christine

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • Passwords are difficult to rememberThe company behind the encrypted email service has released ProtonPass Password Manager so you don’t have to remember anything. Roman It has more.
  • Don’t worry, this is a Primo tool.: also in RomanFrench startup Primo has raised $3.4 million to continue developing IT tools for companies that are too small for the IT manager.
  • Blue skies, smiling at me.Bluesky writes that Jack Dorsey’s supported Twitter option is now available on Android Sarah.

Startups and VCs

Three former managing directors at Amex Ventures have gone out on their own to start Vesey Ventures, which has now closed its first fund with a capital commitment of $78 million to support early-stage fintech startups. Mary Ann They have a lot on their way.

Now it’s on to CoreWeave, which landed a $221 million mega-round in Series B investment, half of which came from original investor Magnetar Capital. Kyle It wrote that it values ​​the general-purpose cloud computing company at $2 billion upfront.

Here are six more for you:

  • Game on.: Rita Bitcraft Ventures’ vision to invest in Asian gaming startups peels back the layers.
  • A strong vision of robotics: Robust.AI raises $20 million to scale up robotics delivery to pilot customers Brian.
  • From hospitality to fleet managementTwo brothers in Senegal are putting their hospitality management skills to work helping trucking companies with logistics. His company Charge has now raised $2.5 million in seed funding. Annie He wrote.
  • Focus on mental health: take on If mental health is linked to innovation and success, it should be highlighted, especially during this difficult capital crisis, he told investors.
  • It’s like Barbie’s Jeep, but human-sizedFrench microcar startup Kate has raised another $7.6 million for its efforts to produce more small electric vehicles like the K1, it reported. Roman.
  • We assure you that they are true.A Singapore-based document verifier has just splashed out on $7 million to tell you if your documents are authentic. Catherine It has more.

4 problems that venture capital cannot solve

Image Credits: Oleksandr Shchus (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Fundraising is a key aspect of every founder’s journey, but Techstars managing director Colin Wallace says it can accelerate a company’s demise.

For example, raising funds to boost sales and marketing efforts may sound good, but what if the business itself has negative unit economics?

“Usually what’s between the company and its ability to find balance isn’t lack of funds,” Wallace says.

“Do we have urgent problems? Better to ask. Product problems? Process problems? Human problems? Is my business model fundamentally flawed?

4 problems that venture capital cannot solve

Two more from the TC+ team:

  • Ooey gooey peak deck goodnessIn the final episode of Pitch Deck Teardown, came Honeycomb’s $50 million Series D takes a look at the pitch floor.
  • Stretching the needle: Dominic Madori National Grid CVC spoke to Lisa Lambert, Head of National Grid Partners, “Environmental and social issues should be top of mind for any smart investor these days.

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Big Tech Inc.

SpaceX has finally launched its Starship rocket into orbit for the first time. Darrell “All told, this should definitely be considered a success: SpaceX founder Elon Musk has previously said there’s a good chance Starship won’t even make it off the pad on this first try.

Tricks are for kids, but in Discord’s case, tricks are for the new chatbot. Lorenzo Some users have reportedly worked on a technique called “jailbreaking” on Discord’s Clyde chatbot, allowing them to share instructions for napalm and meth.

And now there are five more for you:

  • Clear content aheadImgur prohibits transparent images on its platform. Ivan Reports.
  • From the mind…: Kyle Google has written about merging its AI research units into Google DeepMind.
  • Make a promise: It’s no secret that team games suck when there are more than three people in one person. A new app called Wavelength is trying to make group chats less common. Ivan It has more.
  • We found ourselves a convoyKodiak Robotics has a new gig for autonomous delivery of Tyson’s Foods, according to reports Rebecca.
  • Respect civilization!: Lauren Paramount for Warner Bros. Discovery has details on what it says it owes $52 million for “South Park” broadcast rights.

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