Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh Receives Tremendous Support from Shiv Sena: Assurances Made to Address Drivers’ Concerns

Shiv Sena
  • Shiv Sena senior leaders Capt Abhijeet Adsul (National Secretary), Anshumman Joshi, and Col. Devindra Sehrawat (Delhi President) extended full support to those who were once instrumental in bringing the Kejriwal Government and now face Delhi’s Govt.’s wrath
  • There is a Mafia operating the entire Auto Rikshaw Ecosystem in the City with Support from the Kejriwal Government: Col Devinder Sehrawat

New Delhi, May 31, 2023

The Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh, representing the interests of auto-rickshaw drivers in the city, received resounding support from the Shiv Sena, led by Party Chief Eknath Shinde. In a show of solidarity, senior leaders from Shiv Sena- Captain Abhijeet Adsul ( National Secretary), newly appointed Delhi President Col Devinder Sehrawat, and Anshumman Joshi, inspired by Maharashtra CM and the Party Chief Eknath Shinde, who was in the national Capital to attend NITI Aayog meeting, visited the Auto Rickshaw Sangh’s Office in New Delhi to extend their support and address the pain points faced by auto-rickshaw drivers.

The event witnessed the participation of nearly 60 auto-rickshaw drivers who raised the slogan- ‘Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost’ to show their emotional connection with the Maharashtra Chief minister who understands their pain points better than anyone else.  Though during the recent visit by Shiv Sena leaders, the Party Chief extended support from NITI Aayog Meeting venue at Pragati Maidan, the slogan “Mumbai se Aaya Mera Dost,” derived from a popular Bollywood song, reverberated in the Sangh Office, expressing the bond between the Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh and the Shiv Sena Chief. The Auto Rickshaw Sangh  highlighted several pressing issues, including financing, licensing, and strict regulations imposed by the Kejriwal Government, which have adversely affected the livelihoods of auto-rickshaw drivers.

Col Devinder Sehrawat, the Shiv Sena Delhi President, expressed his unwavering support for the auto-rickshaw drivers and their cause. He stated, ” There is a Mafia operating the entire Auto Rikshaw Ecosystem in the City with Support from the Kejriwal Government. There is no institutional credit support for auto drivers and 90% of autos in the city are rented to them by benami owners.  Auto drivers have been suffering due to a lack of ownership. The Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh has now our full support. We recognize the challenges faced by the drivers and are committed to addressing their concerns.” 

“The issues related to financing, licensing, high fuel cost, and restrictive rules are detrimental to their livelihoods, and we will work towards finding viable solutions. It is an irony that auto drivers of the city were instrumental in bringing the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government. They extended all kinds of support including votes, but now they are facing the wrath of Delhi’s government with no credit support, and strict licensing policy, and stringent rules,” said Anshumman Joshi, senior leader of Shiv Sena.

Showing solidarity and support Capt Abhijeet Adsul added, “There is no incentive in converting their vehicles to electric. There are no schemes for Auto drivers to upscale their skills and there is not a single social security scheme for them. Our party Chief has assured the Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh of our unwavering support in resolving the issues including subsidy on high fuel costs, faced by auto-rickshaw drivers. He will take up the issues to the highest levels during his visit to the city every month.”

Rajendra Soni, General Secretary of the Delhi Auto Rickshaw Union, expressed his gratitude for the support received from Shiv Sena.

Soni emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges faced by auto-rickshaw drivers, saying, “We are thankful to Shiv Sena for standing by our side and taking the time to understand the hardships faced by auto-rickshaw drivers in Delhi. With their support, we hope to bring about positive changes that will alleviate our members’ burdens.”

Shive Sena also announced to launch of a Campaign- ‘Main Auto Wala, Mai Mukhya Mantri,’ (I am Auto Rickshaw Driver, I am CM’ ) – for the welfare of Auto Rickshaw drivers.  With the backing of Shiv Sena, the auto drivers’ association strives to bring about tangible improvements and alleviate the challenges faced by auto rickshaw drivers in Delhi.

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