Distressed Indian start-up Gomechanik acquired under the leadership of Life Long Group


The Sequoia India-backed startup has acquired troubled company GoMechanic from a Lifelong Group-led consortium after it admitted to “serious errors” in financial reporting.

New Delhi-headquartered Life Long Group, which serves several major players in the automotive industry including Hero and General Motors, said its investors earlier this year won the bid to acquire struggling Gomechanik.

“This transaction will help protect the ecosystem as a whole and provide a sustainable livelihood for employees at Gomechanik,” Lifelong Group, now Gomechanik’s majority investor, said in a statement.

The acquisition has created a scandal in India’s startup community after it was revealed that GoMechanic’s founders had misrepresented, misrepresented revenue figures, kept investors in the dark and tried to raise new funding under false pretenses.

Gomechanik will service 800 workshops and 30,000 vehicles in January, according to Lifelong Group.

High-profile backers, including SoftBank and Malaysia’s existing investor Tiger Global, considered a new investment in Gomechanic last year, but decided against it for different reasons. According to TechCrunch, a survey commissioned by existing fans of GoMechanic, which offers auto services such as repairs and car washes, is virtual, among other things.

With no new funding, Gomechanik cut costs and laid off 70% of its workforce. The seven-year-old startup has raised more than $60 million in funding over the years and was looking to raise its valuation to $1.2 billion last year. The startup’s valuation has dropped to $30 million in recent weeks.


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