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“It’s not usage-based or subscription pricing,” wrote VC firm OpenView in its second usage-based pricing report. These hybrid approaches require new tools, but which ones? Let’s investigate. – Anna

The cost of complexity is increasing.

As we learned from OpenView’s latest report earlier this week, usage-based pricing is increasing, but not replacing other models.

Of course, more and more SaaS companies are paying customers based on how they use the service. But this is often combined with other pricing approaches, such as tiered subscriptions.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an example of this hybrid value approach. In addition to its free tier, it introduced ChatGPT Plus, a true subscription model starting at $20 per month. But the company said it is “actively exploring options for lower cost plans, business plans and data bundles.”

Data bundles: That’s a type of usage-based pricing, but it doesn’t replace subscriptions. It means ChatGPT joins a growing range of complex value-added products.

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